Electric Height Adjustable Desk

Stand up for better health and improved productivity with a height adjustable desk!

What is a height adjustable desk?

A height adjustable desk is just that: an office desk whose height is adjustable, allowing a user to alternate between sitting and standing anytime throughout their day.

How to choose a height adjustable desk

There are so many types of standing desks out there, so how do you pick one that’s right for you?


First and foremost, we recommend an electric height adjustable desk. Our reasoning is simple: manual desks are too cumbersome and finicky to operate, and as such, will not be used properly.

The ease at which we can switch between sitting and standing with an electric desk ensures that it will be used as it was intended!

Avoid “table-top” standing desks

You’ve probably seen these cheap versions around: a smaller prop that sits neatly on top of your larger desk, that are manually adjusted thanks to their X-shaped structure.

It accommodates your laptop or computer monitor and a keyboard.

The problem with these ones, though, is due to their size, they often don’t fit everything you need on their surface.

That means you’re still contorting your body while reaching down for extra pens or notepads, the phone, or any other desk accessories that don’t fit.


We all love supporting local, and that means backing Australian companies that offer Australian-made products.

Beyond supporting local, Australian-made is just better quality, too.

Ergomotion’s desks are designed and build right here in Australia, and use sophisticated European motorisation.


Who uses height adjustable desks?

Offices and corportates

Any kind of office or corporate setting including government can foster a better working environment.

Through the use of a height adjustable desk, employees strive towards improved concentration, boosted productivity, and better health.

Small businesses

With a focus on staff retention and job satisfaction, small business owners are taking care of their team by fueling their productivity and improving their health.

A standing desk sets the tone for a truly positive office environment and happier team.

Encourage them to stand up for their health while simultaneously improving concentration, boosting productivity, and enhancing collaboration.


The healthcare industry is an ideal case for the use of standing desks.

Various healthcare jobs including radiology require employees spend a large portion of their day seated and deeply analysing scans and images.

Thanks to a standing desk, they can quickly and easily alternate between sitting and standing during their workday.


It’s not just workplaces that can benefit!

Schools across the country and even worldwide are introducing standing desks for students.
The results so far are promising: students are more engaged, more energetic, and more creative!

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Google Reviews


Google Reviews

Richard 02/12/21

Guy was extremely helpful and made sure I got the right desk to suit me, not just recommending the most expensive one. The desk I got was at a solid price, and was exactly what I was after. Highly recommend Ergomotion.

Ash Warshitzky 30/11/21

I purchased an electric sit-stand desk from ErgoMotion over a month ago, and hands down can say this has been the best purchase I've made for my home office and I regret not getting one sooner. Build quality and usability is fantastic, was easy to assemble, all the cable mess is hidden in the tray. Also, important to note that Guy and the team has been fantastic to deal with.

Daniel Boldt 25/11/21

Can’t recommend Ergomotion enough. Guy was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Answered all my questions promptly. I bought the Edesk with the rubberwood top and it’s amazing. Highest quality and a solid build. You can’t beat Linak tech for standing desks. Also delivery was super simple and quick.

sophii 23/11/21

Absolutely love my desk. I had been looking for MONTHS for a standing desk. Indecision was killing me, and my back, as I needed one desperately to change up my day when working from home. I was worried about the size, quality and durability, as well as warranty. All sites I found were either the wrong sizes for me, lack of warranty information, and not enough good (or not enough) reviews to be spending quite a bit of money on. I have trust issues. Thankfully I found Ergomotion - who has so many great reviews for many reasons. The owner, Guy, is very responsive and helpful. Replied to one of my questions instantly regarding colour options for the desk. I was also very happy to know that the desk is picked up/delivered assembled. Guy was very patient with my delay in picking up my desk, and was super helpful to change my order to be delivered, with a quick turn around, to accommodate me. The delivery drivers were great too! It was an easy and great experience and I'm glad I spent the money I did for a great product and supporting a local and small business.

José Mario Blandin de Chalain 19/11/21

I love my standing desk. Guy at Ergomotion was very helpful during my order, desk was ready for pick up in 2 days, fit nicely in my SUV and has been a joy to use since. Thanks Guy.

Cyril Gaillard 17/11/21

Utterly impressed with my Ergomotion desk. The all-metal frame is very sturdy and the solid wood option makes it very luxurious. Guy is very helpful and lovely to deal with.

Max Kuper 11/11/21

I got the height adjustable desk for home from Ergomotion after using it at work, and finding it to be the best of all the similar products over the years The service during ordering and installation as great as the product, very professional and tailored to my specific needs Guy goes an extra mile to address all location specific idiosyncrasies Highly recommended

Reshma Jacob 09/11/21

Amazing service . Guy was very patient and prompt and responded to all my questions ; I had many . He worked with me to ensure I was happy with my custom made desk and to top it up , my desk is amazing ! It's so refreshing to really see the care and love put in providing 1. A quality product 2. A service that stretches above and beyond . Thank you . I look forward to using my desk every day and remember how valued I was made to feel as a customer !

Tiancong Li

One of the best services I’ve ever had! Contacted Guy and he walked me through all the options and features of their desks, and just in a few days he delivered the assembled desk to my house by himself. Very professional and efficient! Thanks heaps Guy! Tim

Winston Lee 01/11/21

Bought a couple of Ergomotion's edesk standing desks (LINAK DF2) and they have been great; Very sturdy and moves up/down quietly. Guy was excellent to deal with as he is extremely knowledgeable about the product, very customer focussed, and provides great after sales support.