What is ergonomic office furniture?

Ergonomic office furniture aims to fit the environment of the office to the employee and not vice versa which has happened all too frequently in the past. Technological advancements no longer mean that desks need to be static, or that height adjustable desks need to be lifted and lowered with heavy manual labour.

But what is ergonomic office furniture and how does it affect my business?

Poor ergonomics can affect all aspects of business including health, safety, production, quality, and human relations. Ergonomic office furniture encompasses many components, but the main 2 are:

Ergonomic office furniture - ergonomic chair

What is ergonomic office furniture – Electric height adjustable desks

Electric height adjustable desks allow the user at the touch of a button to quickly and efficiently adjust the height of their desk. Human beings were not meant to be sat down for long periods of time. We were designed to be on the move, so modern office environments which encourage long periods of sitting have led to poor posture and weak lower backs. However, the opposite is also true, long periods of standing also lead to lower back pain and sore feet. Studies have shown that a sit – stand approach alleviates the load on the lower back, increases employee productivity and reduces costs associated with OHS and work related injuries. Simply put, when people feel god, they can work as efficiently and productively as possible.

Using an electric height adjustable desk means that an employee can achieve this sit-stand approach quickly and is the forefront of ergonomic office furniture. Ergonomic office furniture in the form of electric height adjustable desks also allows companies to create hot desking areas, or one desk can be safely used by multiple employees who can adjust it to a comfortable sitting position.

What is ergonomic office furniture – Ergonomic office chairs

Ergonomic office chairs help provide support for the lower back. Unfortunately long hours sitting in the same position is often unavoidable. Providing ergonomic office furniture in the form of ergonomic office chairs will also help companies save money by avoiding costly worker related injuries and compensation.

Ergomotion has been dealing with the question of what is ergonomic office furniture for decades and has a large range of high quality, Australian made and designed ergonomic office furniture to suit any project requirement.

Ergonomic office furniture - best ergonomic chair
Ergonomic office furniture - height adjustable desk

Application of ergonomic office furniture principles can result in:

  • Increased productivity – Decreased lost time at work
  • Increased quality
  • Decreased absenteeism
  • Improved employee retention, thus reducing training costs
  • Improved health and safety
  • Increased job satisfaction and morale
  • Decreased injuries and workers compensation claims

View our range ergonomic office furniture below, or contact Ergomotion today to discuss your ergonomic office requirements.

The benefits of ergonomic office furniture greatly outweigh the initial cost of installing ergonomic furniture, like electric height adjustable desks. Lower back pain is second only to upper respiratory infections as a leading cause of absence from work. In studies, productivity increases have ranged from 5% to 50%, and in today’s competitive market ergonomics can play a vital role in giving your company the edge.

Work related injury costs

Musculoskeletal disorders cost the nation (USA) up to $50 billion a year. Employers pay between $15-$18 billion in workers’ compensation costs alone. Being proactive, rather than reactive to any potential claims can significantly reduce your companies costs in the long run.

Benefits of ergonomic office furniture principles can result in:

  • Increased productivity
  • Decreased lost time at work
  • Increased quality
  • Decreased absenteeism
  • Improved employee retention, thus reducing training costs
  • Improved health and safety
  • Increased job satisfaction and morale
Ergonomic office furniture - standing desk

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Google Reviews


Google Reviews

Joshua Brown 01/07/22

Guy was just a pleasure to deal with. Excellent knowledge and advice which followed through to excellent after sales. The e-desk is very sturdy, easy to use and looks great. Great job Guy and thank you

Simona Scarparo 19/06/22

I love my Ergomotion stand up desk! It is easy to set up and is made of quality materials. However, the best part of the purchase was the excellent customer service I received. Guy (the owner) came out in the pouring rain to measure the boot of my car to make sure I could pick the desk up (fully assembled) and it would fit. I ordered the desk on a Monday and it was ready by Tuesday morning. He helped loading the desk in my car, removed a leg so that it could fit and explained how to put the leg back in, which was very straightforward and did not need any tools. If you are considering buying a stand up desk, I would definitely recommend Ergomotion.

Sue Fraser 14/06/22

Guy was lovely to deal with. He was prompt and courteous in all his communication. He was happy for us to look at the desk before purchase. Once ordered, the desk arrived so quickly. Guy set it all up and we are extremely happy with the product. Thanks Guy for your great service and care.

Alex He 10/06/22

Decided to board the hype train and get a sit-stand desk. I have chosen Ergomotion mainly because
a. They use high-quality Linak motor instead of copycats like Jiecang
b. They are a local company based in Melbourne
Pre-sale communications with them were great. They replied my inquiries in a timely matter with informative details. Delivery was hassle-free. The removalists are extremely friendly and helped me take the desk to my apartment unit, even to the room I want to put it.
The desk looks awesome and the motor is very smooth. I'm very happy with my purchase. Definitely recommend them to anyone who looks for a sit-stand desk.

Michael Carey 04/06/22

I went to Ergomotion for a standing desk and am very happy with my purchase. Guy is fantastic and goes above and beyond, he helped me find the most cost effective solution for my needs. Guy even pointed out that I could reuse my existing desk top which saved me a bit of money.

Claire Manning 30/05/22

This desk has changed my (work) life. Completely customised to the space and a fabulous orange laminate to add some brightness and energy in my home office. And plenty of room for my dog to curl up in bed underneath. Solid construction and super easy to put together (with an extra pair of hands) and all made in Australia. So happy with it!

Nick Richards 20/05/22

A friend referred me to Ergomotion after I had done a lot of research on standing desks online. Guy happened to be local to me and he was very professional to deal with, I had a look at his demo desks and bought one on the spot. The product has been great, very sturdy, well made and at a good price - I would thoroughly recommend Ergomotion.

Nancy Tseng 22/04/22

I would highly recommend this electric desk to all ages, the the best decision I’ve made for my sons study table. The service was excellent, prompt in responses and on time schedule with the delivery time. The removalists were very careful bringing into our study room on the second level.
Very happy with the purchase!!

Farhin C 12/04/22

Amazing e-desk - sturdy, spacious and great quality wood. It fits well into the home office. Assembling it was mostly straightforward with the video! Thanks Guy

Nick G 11/04/22

I'm only just reading all the Google Reviews now, just before writing this, after having purchased and built a desk; and this is basically going to be saying the same thing as all the others, the owner, Guy, is absolutely great and so are the desks. There's a reason why all the reviews are genuine 5 stars. I had been doing research on numerous sit/stand desks and the manufactures of the frames/motors that go into them. I wanted a good quality and reliable setup so I decided to something that utilised Linak (manufacturer) hardware and so I set out trying to find a sit/stand desk that used them. As I was after something specific, I contacted a number businesses before placing an order so that I understood exactly what it was I was purchasing. Unfortunately most of those other businesses seemed more interested in B2B, and a couple didn't even bother responding. I had even gone so far as to contact a business in Canada, who eagerly could supply everything, but unfortunately not for running on 240v. I almost gave up and was just about to head to Ikea. Then I came across Ergomotion. I shot through an email with some questions about their Edesk, and I got a clear informative response within hours. The owner, Guy, kindly followed up, answered further questions, and was also able to order extra parts from Linak on request. To ensure I had all the information I needed before placing an order, he even went so far as to warn me of a slight upcoming price increase. Guy knows his products, knows it in great detail and has a wealth of helpful knowledge.