Why a sit stand desk? Ergomotion Sit Stand Desks enable you to:

  1. Easily move from Sit and Stand throughout the day while working with ease
  2. Reduce OHS risks
  3. Increase productivity with increased comfort levels with our height adjustable desks
  4. Assist injured staff to get back to work and support their needs

With just a push of a button you can go from sitting to standing in a matter of seconds delivering you a much healthier work environment. Sit Stand Desks help prevent back and health problems that can occur from sitting for long periods of time in the workplace.

Changing your working position regularly and doing exercises at work helps to prevent back problems and related heart disease. Our quality manufactured sit stand desks also support people who already suffer from back related problems to change between sitting and standing and continue working productively while providing relief. Sit stand desks can therefore assist people with injuries to return to the workforce.

Ergomotion’s sit stand desks are also available workstations configurations.

Extensive studies have shown that sitting or standing all day can be both challenging and unhealthy for the body, being able to freely move between sitting and standing helps to provide a healthy and productive workplace.

Sit Stand Desks:

  1. Reduce OHS risks of people sitting for long periods of time.
  2. Ideal for users with disabilities.
  3. Ideal for multi-user desks or multi-tasking desks.
  4. Increased staff morale promoting a healthy workplace.