Why Choose A Standing Desk?

Stand up for your health with a height adjustable desk!

Ergomotion has been manufacturing and supplying electric height adjustable standing desks since 2005.

We have seen a huge increase in popularity of these standing desks due to a lot of research coming out showing the health risks associated with sitting for long periods of time.

Our standing desks are electrically operated allowing the user to easily alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day.

The key? Consistently alternating between sitting and standing

There is a misconception that a standing desk will negate all the risks associated with sitting for long periods of time, but the fact is that there are risks associated with standing for long periods of time, too.

The main issue here is sedentary behaviour, whether that’s by sitting or standing.

The electric height adjustable standing desk is therefore not only used for standing, but also adjusted easily for sitting as well.

The ideal work environment is to be able to adjust between sitting and standing throughout the day.

Standing desk or height adjustable desk?

We hope by now you understand that it’s not just about standing – in fact, standing for long periods of time causes just as much strain on your body’s joints as sitting. The key lies in frequently alternating between sitting and standing.

That’s why the term “standing desk” is somewhat of a misnomer. However it’s become the default term for desks which can actually be adjusted from sitting to standing.

We use the term standing desk out of simplicity for those who may actually be searching for a “sit-stand” or “height adjustable” desk.

A true standing desk, that is, one that does not offer adjustability between sitting and standing, does indeed offer some great benefits… but some drawbacks, too.

Standing desk pros

  • Increased blood circulation
  • Less pressure on the spine
  • Easier to move on the spot while standing
  • Reduced levels of blood glucose, insulin and blood fat
  • Reduced chance of heart disease
  • Feel healthier and more alert
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduce the risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

Standing desk cons

  • Sore feet
  • Varicose veins
  • Tired back and legs
  • More tiring in general
Standing desk Australia at Ergomotion

Types of height adjustable desk

The optimal working posture is to be able to adjust from sitting to standing throughout the day. You don’t want to sit for too long and you don’t want to stand for too long. It is the sedentary behaviour that is the risk. It doesn’t matter whether that sedentary behaviour is done sitting or standing.

There are different types of height adjustable standing desks on the market. Read on to meet three of the most common, and why an electric height adjustable desk is the clear winner.

Why choose height adjustable desk from Ergomotion

Technician height adjustable desk

A technician height adjustable desk has a system where the height of each leg needs to be adjusted individually, usually in steps of 100mm.

This is a cumbersome operation and usually requires at least two people to adjust the desk.

If the desk is adjusted it is usually done to a sitting position and then never gets adjusted again!

Winder adjustable standing desk

A winder adjustable standing desk has a winder arm at the front of the desk that you wind the desk up and down with. This is also a cumbersome adjustment as the winder needs to be turned continuously to get the desk from a full sitting to a standing height. This desk also usually gets set at a sitting position and then never gets adjusted again.

Electric height adjustable desk

An electric height adjustable standing desk is the ideal solution.

It is the only type of height adjustable desk that will allow you to easily adjust your desk between sitting and standing throughout the day.

Put it this way: if the desk is too hard to adjust, it won’t get used!

Why electric?

The electric height adjustable standing desk has been designed for anyone that sits at their desk for most of the day.

Being electric, it is easy to adjust for both sitting and standing. It is much easier to operate than a manual desk, which takes considerably more effort to raise and lower.

This action, while not drastic, can become cumbersome, which is why we find many new customers come to us after they’ve already had some experience using a manual standing desk.

They simply do not bother using it for its intended purpose, and end up sitting for the entire day!

The great advantage here is the electric motor: within seconds and with literally the push of a button, you can switch between sitting and standing.

Even and smooth operation ensures your desk and all its contents remain balanced, while memory settings mean you no longer need to spend time perfecting the ideal desk height!

Benefits of standing desks

Standing desk reduce risk of sedentary behaviour

of sedentary behaviour

There has been a lot of publicity over the past few years bringing to the attention the health risks of sedentary behavior in the workplace.

Standing desk health benefits

for everyone

Initially, standing desks became popular for those who had suffered from injury or pain that was exacerbated by sitting.

Standing desk proactively maintain health

maintain health

However as research continued and awareness spread, we also find many of our clients choose a standing desks to proactively maintain their health and reduce the risk of injury occurring in the first place.


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