Benefits of a TV Lift


Benefits of a TV Lift

You’re not watching TV all the time, so why not consider a TV lift to conceal it when it’s not in use? A TV lift is a mechanism that mounts your TV and raises it out of and lowers it into a piece of furniture like a wall unit.

TV lifts are great for many different scenarios, from singular units like a 50-inch LCD plasma in your living room, to a conference room that requires a number of small computer or plasma screens for board meetings.

Ergomotion’s TV lifts are designed and manufactured with the strength and capabilities to lift any flat screen in the current Australian TV market.

TV Lifts at home

A TV lift is a great piece of equipment to incorporate into your family room or bedroom. Not only is it a fashionable way to display your TV, it’s also a really clever way to protect it when it’s not in use.

– Protects your TV: because the TV is mounted securely onto the mechanism, it eliminates the dangers of it being pulled or falling over.

– A real space-saver: for those areas with limited space, pop the TV up when you need it, and, when you’re done, lower it away in a matter of seconds.

– Versatile: TV lifts can work with desks, tables, cabinets and wall units. This means they can be incorporated into almost any room in your house!

– Keep it safe: especially good for residences that may from time to time be unoccupied, like holiday houses.

– Quick and quiet operation: a simple yet effective piece of equipment that can be altered in a matter of seconds!


 Monitor Lifts in the office

A monitor lift in the office is a contemporary and practical addition to your workplace.

– Group meetings: Monitor lifts are fantastic in board rooms that require the use of screens. Each seat can have its own screen lifted out of the table when required, and, and the end of the day, can be concealed so regular face-to-face meetings are not impeded.

– Complements technology: maintain that sleek, modern look of your office with streamlined TV lifts. Unappealing wires and cables are fully contained within the unit. (No more tripping hazards, either!)

– Swivel function: this is a great feature in rooms where space is an issue. Swivel the screen until it’s in the perfect position for your needs, and after that, let someone adjust it again for theirs!

– High-quality build: investigate and trust in a TV lift that is strong and will safely lift and lower your TV.

– Multiple control features: this is a brilliant feature for conference and board rooms which use multiple lifts for one function. You can control your lift individually or by a central computer that can control all lifts at once. This gives

ultimate flexibility.


Ergomotion’s TV lifts

We have supplied TV lifts to the Barossa Valley Glass House, the Australian Defence Force and the 2008 HIA Home Show in Sydney.

Ergomotion can provide a quality mechanism for your home or business. We can also provide you with a range of custom furniture contacts that use Ergomotion’s TV lifts within their manufacturing process. Speak to one of our experts today.