High Quality TV Lifts

Take entertainment to a new level with impressive TV lift technology from Ergomotion.

Our high quality TV lifts enable plasmas, LCDs, LEDs and monitors to “pop up” or “pop down” into and out of a cabinet or wall unit.

TV Lifts can be added to a custom made piece of furniture to electronically lift and lower the TV to create additional space, protect equipment from damage when it’s not in use, or to hide it from sight.

Ergomotion high quality pop up cabinet tv lifts

Why TV Lifts?

for safety and aesthetics

Improve aesthetics and keep your screens safe with a discreet TV lift, built into a custom cabinet. The perfect combination of functionality and design, our TV lift technology is discreet, easy to operate, and built to the highest standards.


With our TV lifts, you can quickly and easily retract your television screen into your custom cupboard or unit, maintaining the clean lines and aesthetics of your living room, or any other room in the house!


At the push of a button, hide your screen away and double your space! Make the most of flat surfaces and maximise functionality in rooms built for entertaining.

from damage

Energetic kids running around the home? Pets who love to jump and knock thing over? Protect your television screen from damage by hiding it away when it’s not in use. Protect your kids from tipping the TV over and injuring themselves.

from theft

Commonly used for spaces that are not always occupied, like holiday houses. A hidden television is protected from would-be thieves.

Where can TV lifts be used?

Ergomotion’s TV lifts are built to the highest standards, combining Danish motors and local metalwork to create technology that is easy to use for a variety of applications.

Living room

Those who prioritise design and aesthetic in their home love their TV lifts to hide away their screen when it’s not in use. With a push of a button, the screen is elevated, ready for a movie!

Holiday house

As mentioned above, clients who choose a TV lift for their holiday house or rental property value the safety aspect, as well as the functionality.


Want a television in the bedroom? With custom cabinetry, you can create an entertainment experience at the foot of the bed!

Corporate setting

Great for corporate offices and rooms that regularly rely on technology like video conferencing to hold meetings.

When the online meeting is over, simply hide the screen, and your space is ready for the next boardroom meeting.

Who uses TV lifts?

TV lifts to protect TV

Cabinet makers

Are you a cabinet maker creating unique and high-end pieces for your clients?

Why not integrate our TV lift technology within your unit, creating a totally custom entertainment solution, perfect for the living room, bedroom, playroom, or boardroom.

TV lifts for aesthetic

Custom home builders

As the name suggests, custom home builders design, plan, and build customised solutions for their clients.

With a keen eye on aesthetics and design, builders and their clients alike value advanced technology and solutions to improve your lifestyle!

TV lifts for functionality


In these cases, it’s the end user who has seen a TV lift in action and wants it for their own home!

Tell your cabinet maker to get in touch with us, or contact us directly and we, along with your cabinet maker, will bring your vision to life.


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