Ergomotion’s Desk Cable Tray

Reduce the risk of OH&S issues and create a neater, safer office with cable management tray.

Desk cable trays are a quick, easy, and cost-effective way to protect computers and other equipment from damage. Neatly conceal cables and cords and reduce the risk of tripping or injury in the office.

Desk cable trays are easy to install can be customised to fit most desks and can also include data and power points, lifting these up off the floor, too!

Ergomotion’s desk cable tray can be fitted into each of our customised electric standing desks.

Used in conjunction with other ergonomic equipment like CPU holders, you’re one step closer to a cleaner, neater, safer workplace!


Benefits of Desk Cable Trays

No more

Avoid wasted time and mounting frustration – no more untangling messy cords and wires.

to install

We can fit trays in your standing desk, and it takes just a few minutes to neatly arrange your cables.


Set and forget! Your cables are now secure and no longer pose a tripping risk in the office.

your cables

Extend the lifespan of office equipment by protecting cords, wires, and chargers from damage.

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