Ergomotion’s Desk Cable Tray

Reduce the risk of OH&S issues and create a neater, safer office with cable management tray.

Desk cable trays are a quick, easy, and cost-effective way to protect computers and other equipment from damage. Neatly conceal cables and cords and reduce the risk of tripping or injury in the office.

Desk cable trays are easy to install can be customised to fit most desks and can also include data and power points, lifting these up off the floor, too!

Ergomotion’s desk cable tray can be fitted into each of our customised electric standing desks.

Used in conjunction with other ergonomic equipment like CPU holders, you’re one step closer to a cleaner, neater, safer workplace!


Benefits of Desk Cable Trays

No more

Avoid wasted time and mounting frustration – no more untangling messy cords and wires.

to install

We can fit trays in your standing desk, and it takes just a few minutes to neatly arrange your cables.


Set and forget! Your cables are now secure and no longer pose a tripping risk in the office.

your cables

Extend the lifespan of office equipment by protecting cords, wires, and chargers from damage.

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    Google Reviews


    Google Reviews

    Alex Hung 20/01/22

    Guy is really patient, knowledgeable and helpful! Thanks again!

    Claudia Betancourt 19/01/22

    I ordered two chairs for our office. Our communication and delivery were flawless. And the chairs are incredibly comfortable. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase for Ergomotion again professionally or personally.

    Simon Protheroe 18/01/22

    Quality product and excellent customer service. I purchased an E-desk with an optional hardwood top and it's excellent. The desktop looks fantastic and the stand / electronics are top quality - solid and quiet when operating. Guy is excellent to deal with. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend.

    Catherine Ayad 12/01/22

    One word: AMAZING!. The quality of the desk is absolutely AMAZING! I was so indecsive and have been searching for desks for more then 5months! I was blessed to come across Ergomotion and speak to Guy. From the very first conversation, his customer service was AMAZING! He was so informative, clear, gentle and kind. He came to my house and installed everything so promptly and took all the rubbish and cleaned up and was also so wonderful to my mum. Would recommend anyone looking for a sit/stand desk to talk to Guy first! Thanks again 🙏

    Val eter44 11/1/22

    Ergomotion’s edesk is an excellent sit stand desk. It feels sturdy and the overall design fits my minimalist style room.

    Jupin Cherian 10/01/22


    Alex A 10/01/22

    Guy was excellent in his customer service, delivery, assembly of his standing desk. Great standing desk product and great service, thank you Guy. I highly recommend Guy.

    Ka Ho Wong 13/12/21

    Clear communication and fantastic customer service from initial order to taking delivery. The product itself is of great quality and will not hesitate to recommend these guys if you are in the market to get a new desk.

    S T 12/12/21


    Vlad 09/12/21

    Absolutely amazing product and customer experience. Anyone sitting on the fence or considering other alternatives, please just do yourself a favour and put an order in with Ergomotion. The quality of the walnut desk I received was stunning, topped off by some very friendly and considerate service from Guy himself. Could not have asked for more and am already recommending to friends, family and colleagues alike. Keep up the good work guys!