The Causes of Back Pain and How Electric Sit-Stand Desks Can Help

a Man with Back Pain Need to Use Electric Sit-stand Desk

The Causes of Back Pain and How Electric Sit-Stand Desks Can Help

Do you often experience a dull throbbing pain in your back?

Is pain a frequent companion every time you sit down at your desk in the office?

Are hot compresses, pillows, changing your sleeping position, and pain relievers simply not doing the trick?

You’re not alone. In Australia alone, there are 3.7 million people who experience back pain at any given day.

In fact, back pain is considered one of the most common causes of disability worldwide.

Ignoring back pain can lead to serious health concerns. In particular, frequent and untreated back pain can impede work productivity, daily tasks, and your overall quality of life.

So how can you alleviate back pain and improve your health? Electric sit-stand desks might be just what you need!

Electric Sit-stand Desk for Back Pain

Common causes of back pain

The back is a complex system, made up of bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and more, all of which work in tandem to support the body and enable us to move.

Needless to say, a problem with any of these individual components can only mean one thing: back pain.

You can experience pain in your upper, mid, or lower part of your back, resulting in uneasiness and discomfort. You may even be left with a lasting numb and tingling pain.

Why is this?

1) Muscle strain

Back pain is often caused by muscle strain resulting from an injury such as fractures and fall.

In particular, overuse, improper lifting and awkward movements can strain back muscles, resulting in muscle spasms, muscle tension, and even tiny microtears in muscle tissue.

This is why warm-ups and proper technique are so important in the gym!

2) Poor posture

Poor posture when working, sitting, and standing can cause back pain.

That’s because the human spine is designed to sit upright.

This is the optimum posture, as it best distributes weight.

Hunching, slouching, or arching your back results in weight not being as well distributed, which can strain your shoulders and back, causing back pain.

And since most of us office workers are seated for much of the day, poor posture is on an upwards trend – we know how tempting it can be to sink into your desk chair, especially as the 3 o’clock slump sets in!

Unfortunately, over extended periods this compounds and eventually it becomes the norm.

The result? Bad posture and back pain.

3) Obesity and increased weight

Increase in weight and obesity are believed to be some of the leading causes of back pain.

It makes sense, we suppose – the average Australian is getting heavier, while at the same time, rates of back pain or on the rise.

Coincidence? We think not!

All this added weight puts stress on the back, pelvis, and spine, resulting in chronic back pain.

Additionally, excess body weight puts strain on the back which can greatly affect one’s movement and can even lead to herniated disc and osteoarthritis.

4) Structural problems

Recurring back pain issues can also be caused by structural problems in the spine, discs, bones, and other organs that manifesting itself towards the pain on the back.

Such structural problems may come on these forms:

  • Osteoporosis
  • Sciatica
  • Bulging or ruptured disks
  • Arthritis
  • Abnormal spine curve

Besides bone and spine problems, back pain can be a sign of other medical conditions that need further attention, such as:

  • Tumour of the spine
  • Infection of the spine
  • Shingles
  • Pelvic inflammatory diseases
  • Sleep disorders

In either case, we strongly recommend talking to a medical professional or physiotherapist.

Electric Sit-stand Desks

Back pain treatments

So there you have it: the most common causes of back pain.

But of course, you aren’t here for that. No, you want solutions – you want to learn how you can minimise, treat and even rid yourself of back pain.

Luckily for you, there are a range of options open to you – best of all, many don’t require you to visit a GP or medical professional either!


In many cases, back pain is the result of weakness or tightness in your back muscles. Over time, everyday life wears out your back muscles, causing pain.

Luckily, exercise can help.

In addition to loosening out your back muscles, regular exercise and training also strengthen your back muscles, making them more resistant to pain.

It may well be hard to move when you have back pain, but the right exercise routine can slowly ease muscle strain and help you regain function in your back muscles, returning you to your normal strength.

Don’t worry, you needn’t hit the weights room with a sore back – there are plenty of gentler exercises out there including walking, swimming, yoga, pilates and more.

Not to mention, it’s a good habit to get into, end of story!

Correct posture

Did you know: according to the European Spine Journal, there’s a direct link between poor posture and back pain.

This isn’t the only study to say this, however – a 2015 study by the Journal of Physical Therapy Science says the same thing.

The key takeaway? Good posture = less back pain!

Luckily, there are plenty of tools you can use to improve your posture. For example, you can always consider getting back supports, as well as improving comfort at work with an ergonomic office chair.

Another thing to think about is ergonomic desk accessories. These tools are designed to be used together to improve whole-body health and comfort in the office.

Explore our ergonomic desk accessories.

Use electric sit-stand desks

People weren’t meant to sit for 8 to 10 hours a day. However, more often than not, that’s exactly what happens.

It isn’t ideal – however, neither is standing for the entire duration either!

As with many things, the answer lies in the middle.

In particular, the key lies in alternating between sitting and standing.

An electric sit-stand desk allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds:

  • Higher levels of concentration
  • More energy
  • Better posture
  • Less time spent seated
  • Increased blood circulation
  • Reduces the risk of heart disease

In particular, a standing desk can also reduce the risk of back injury or pain brought about by frequent sitting.

In particular, it puts less pressure on your spine and improves posture.

Standing Desk Australia

Alleviate your back pain with Ergomotion’s electric sit-stand desks

There are a lot of physical and psychological benefits of standing desks.

The problem with using a conventional standing desk however is that, simply put, switching between standing and sitting is a pain!

You need a desk that can be adjusted quickly. Having to fiddle with knobs and sliders every couple minutes however can be a major pain.

The solution? Electric sit-stand desks.

Combining high-quality Danish motors and local engineering, Ergomotion’s electric sit-stand desks allow you to easily alternate between a sitting and standing position at the push of a button.

How easy is that?

Best of all, you can even save your preferred heights, allowing you to stay comfortable whether you’re sitting or standing.

Ergomotion is Australia’s #1 choice for ergonomic office solutions. We can create custom-made electric sit-stand desks to suit your exact dimensions.

Stand up for your health today – contact Ergomotion on (03) 9579 1454, or fill in this form and we’ll be in touch right away.

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