6 things you NEED to consider when buying a pop-up TV cabinet

6 things you NEED to consider when buying a pop-up TV cabinet

You’ve made your mind up – besides having an electric standing desk, you NEED a TV lift cabinet in your home. 

There are plenty of reasons to fit your home (or even your business) out with a pop-up TV cabinet:

  • You don’t want your kids to break your television screen
  • Space is tight
  • You want to (safely) put a TV in an unconventional spot
  • You just want to show off!

There are also plenty of companies that make TV lifts, not all of which you can trust to provide a quality product!

Luckily, there are a couple of things you can look out for!

Considerations when buying a pop up tv cabinet 

It isn’t just our phones, appliances, gadgets and cars that are becoming more advanced – home furniture is also making progress!

One particular easily coping with the trend, and one area that is slowly gaining popularity are pop-up tv lift cabinets.

With lots of TV lift options to choose from, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. How do you know you’re getting one that’s good quality, and built for the long-run?

Before you engage a cabinet maker to source a TV lift mechanism and craft your unit, make sure you consider these 6 all-important factors first…

1) Flexibility in design

Your choice of tv lift design will depend on your home. Is your interior design style…

  • Modern?
  • Traditional?
  • Minimalistic? 

Regardless of how your house or office is styled, it’s important that you choose a TV lift design that can work in any type of building, and which can fit in with any style.

Here’s the thing: when we say ‘TV lift’, we’re talking about the lifting mechanism itself – NOT the cabinet it’s in.

We work with carpenters, focusing on integrating our TV lifts into your cabinet to create a pop-up TV cabinet.

It isn’t just limited to TV cabinets, either – some of our previous jobs include:

  • Kitchen benches
  • Outdoor spas
  • Reception desks and counters
  • Basically, anywhere with enough space

That’s the kind of flexibility we’re talking about!

2) TV weight and size

Not all televisions are the same. 

From smart television features, to brand, to energy-efficiency, to the technology that powers the screen itself, homeowners are spoilt for choice.

Of course, what we’re concerned with is TV dimensions and weight!

When choosing a pop up tv lift, make sure that it can bear the weight of your television.

Our ability to integrate TV lifts into different surfaces isn’t the only way we’re able to offer superior versatility and flexibility – we also offer a range of TV lifts that can hold screens up to 65’’ and 100kg!

When shopping for a pop-up TV cabinet, make sure you measure and weigh your TV first (or failing that, consult the manual for specs).

Only then will you be sure that your cabinet can withstand the weight!

3) Quality

Make sure that you get your money’s worth by choosing a TV lift that is:

  • Durable
  • Won’t break easily
  • Well-built

Just one problem: how can you be sure that your pop-up TV cabinet will stand the test of time?

There are a couple of proxies you can use to gauge workmanship and build quality.

For starters, reviews and case studies are a great tool that you can use to get a feel for your manufacturer.

Another general rule is to avoid overseas-sourced TV lifts. In many cases, the build-quality simply isn’t up to snuff, which can lead to a host of other issues, namely the mechanism failing and your television screen being stuck within the cabinet!

4) Placement

Before buying a pop up tv cabinet, make sure that you know where you are going to place it and what function will it serve you in the long run.

  • Will it serve to be a cabinet divider?
  • Will you put it on the end of your bed?
  • Is there a specialised area in your home where you want to put it such as beside the pool or inside your home office?

All of this can affect how feasible your requests are, and how much work it will take to successfully install a TV lift.

This is especially important if you’re planning a less conventional setup!

5) Noise, fit and seamlessness

The last thing you want to happen when you press the button that gets your TV screen to pop up? A horrible, noisy whirring sound.

If you want the most seamless pop-up TV cabinet for your home however, it’s something that you’ll want to consider.

At Ergomotion, we use high-quality, whisper-quiet motors Danish motors and hydraulics. Instead of distracting hissing and whirring, you’ll get a TV lift cabinet that’s as quiet as it is smooth!

6) Electricity

Pop-up TV cabinets use electrical motors. Naturally, they need a power source nearby to work.

Half the appeal of a pop-up TV cabinet is its seamless appearance – the last thing you want to do is ruin it with visible extension cords!

Before committing to one, be sure that the area you have in mind has an electrical socket nearby not just for the lift mechanism, but for your TV (as well as extras like DVD players and speakers) as well!

High-quality, Australian-made pop-up TV lift cabinets

It doesn’t matter whether you need it in the office, conference room, outdoor pool, or even in your roof deck – if you want to bring TV lifts into your home or business, it’s vital that you do your prep work first.

And it all starts with choosing a trustworthy supplier.

Ergomotion provides you with a range of TV lift mechanisms that can be installed anywhere in your home or office space, and which can accommodated any screen you want:

For a more aesthetically-pleasing and seamless home, get in touch with Ergomotion – call (03) 9579 1454 today, or fill in this form and start enjoying the technology of a TV lift device!