Boosting Productivity: Redefining Work Habits in Australia

Boosting Productivity Habits in Australia

Boosting Productivity: Redefining Work Habits in Australia

In Australia, a staggering 3.2 billion hours of unpaid overtime are worked annually, as per a 2018 report by the Australia Institute. Additionally, a 2013 survey revealed that 3.8 million Australians often skip their lunch breaks. Yet, despite these extra hours and the constant hustle, achieving productivity remains elusive for many. Donna McGeorge, a renowned productivity expert and author, suggests that people often confuse being busy with being productive. She defines productivity as accomplishing the most significant tasks.

While the internet is brimming with helpful tips such as task batching, the Pomodoro Technique or achieving inbox zero, McGeorge emphasises that the key to successful productivity strategies lies in consistently implementing simple actions. She further suggests that boosting productivity begins with allowing oneself to work differently. The conventional approach of accepting every meeting and opening every email can be replaced with a more thoughtful structuring of the day.

Identifying what really matters and understanding why it matters is crucial, according to McGeorge. She encourages individuals to ponder why they work, why they chose their specific job, and why they chose their workplace. Answering these questions can help in identifying the most important tasks and not getting caught up in the relentless hustle of work and life.

In the era of remote globalised workforces, seamless workflows and effective collaboration are more important than ever. Tools such as Adobe Acrobat Pro can be invaluable for electronic document sharing, collaboration and automation. McGeorge stresses the importance of having systems in place that aid in accomplishing tasks. She also highlights the importance of skills development and understanding the power of integrations, especially with software.

McGeorge challenges the hustle culture’s notion of always being “100% on”. Instead, she advocates for the 15% rule which allows individuals to operate at 85% physically and mentally. This approach promotes pacing oneself and protecting a 15% buffer in your daily schedule for unexpected tasks.

Capitalising on your body’s chronotype or internal clock can also significantly enhance productivity. Understanding your chronotype can help in creating a daily schedule that aligns with it. For instance, the afternoon, when energy and alertness levels dip but agility and reaction times peak, can be best utilised for meetings and process-driven tasks. Restricting meetings to the timeframe between 10am and 3pm can help in reserving the first and last two hours of the day for important work.

McGeorge also suggests limiting meetings to 25 minutes, which can create a sense of urgency and focus. She advises against accepting every meeting request, especially if it conflicts with time allocated for deep-focus work.

Finally, McGeorge emphasises the importance of having a system for offloading ideas from our minds. A practice she recommends is brain dumping – writing down everything on our minds, including non-work related thoughts and ideas. This can free up mental space and energy to truly focus.

Incorporating these productivity strategies into your work routine can greatly enhance your efficiency. Using a best sit stand desk or an electric height adjustable standing desk can also contribute to increased productivity by promoting better posture and reducing physical discomfort. The health benefits of an electric stand up desk are well-documented, making it a worthwhile investment for anyone seeking to boost their productivity while also improving their health.

Remember, productivity is not about being busy; it’s about getting the most important things done. So, choose your strategies wisely and give yourself permission to work differently.

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Google Reviews

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Excellent quality and superb Customer service. Guy walked us through the options and benefits of each and enabled us to easily decide on which option we wanted.

Installation was a breeze - Guy did a fantastic job !!

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Guy is very helpful on my inquiry. The desk is very good in quality and I love it very much.

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This is the second desk I have ordered to cater for my growing business. I find the quality of the products excellent and definitely an investment for the future. Great and efficient service and very helpful from the ordering process to the delivery process also. Thank so much to Guy who did a great job with following up and providing updates every step of the way.

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Brilliant product, realisable and fast delivery. Thanks guy and the team.

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