Tips on creating an ideal cinema room with a projector lift

Home theater in luxury house with large TV screen

Tips on creating an ideal cinema room with a projector lift

For years, it’s been nothing more than a dream…

But now, you’re finally in the position where you can start to bring your home theatre vision to life!

Whether you’ve just moved into a new home with a great rumpus room ready for a transformation, or have recently acquired an extra room as you just became empty nesters, a cinema room is a great way to use an otherwise empty space in your home.

Transform your own home into a cinematic experience even the big theatre chains would envy!

Here are some important tips to take note of when creating an ideal cinema room in the home.


Plan your home theatre seating

Before you send out the movie invitations, you’ve got to make sure your guests will be comfortable!

This step requires you to think about all of these important factors:

  • The number of seats you’d ideally like to fill your cinema room
  • The size and layout of your room
  • The dimensions of the seats

Could you comfortably fit two rows of 4-seater seats in the room? Is there room on one or either side of the seats to enter and exit the room?

Or would you prefer a centre aisle, with 2-seaters on each side?

Think about additional features that will enhance your experience – think drink holders, hidden storage, and durable fabrics, like leather.

Some seats even come with USB charging ports and LED lighting features, providing you the ultimate in luxury, comfort, and functionality.


Soundproofing and insulation

Next up, you’ll want to ensure that you and your family can truly immerse yourself in this unique experience.

And that doesn’t just happen inside the room; it’s essential that the room (and noise) doesn’t interrupt the business of the house.

Whether the kids have a bunch of friends over or you’re watching a major sporting event, it’s important that whatever happens in your theatre room stays there, minimising noise and disruptions within the rest of your home.

Soft seat materials as well as carpet are recommended, while you might also like to consider lining the walls with fabric to absorb noise, too.


Create an epic surround sound system

While we don’t want the sound of explosions rocking the rest of the house, what we do want is exceptional surround sound within our theatre!

Where should my speakers go?

In its simplest terms (as as its name suggests!) you want the sound to surround you – essentially, speakers should be placed where the sound will almost literally engulf you.

Standard 7.1 surround sound dictates that speaks should be placed:

  • Above or below your screen
  • Next to the screen, on either side
  • On the side walls
  • At the back (e.g. the back wall) 

9.1 surround sound takes your movie theatre to a whole new dimension: these ceiling speakers enhance sound and fill your room with all the action!

Most theatre rooms can house two ceiling speakers, placed at equal distances from each wall. Smaller rooms however could benefit from a single speaker placed in the middle of the room’s ceiling.


Projector lift

Projector lifts are not only an ideal choice in the corporate world: they’re also used in our clients’ impressive home theatre setups!

At the push of a button (and within just a few seconds), our motorised projector lifts seamlessly recess into your ceiling cavity, protecting your unit from damage and hiding it away when it’s not in use.

Ergomotion’s projector lift comes complete with all accessories required for your carpenter or builder to securely install it.

Its quality craftsmanship and durability means it’s equipped to safely hold most projectors on the market, from 12kg through to 50kg!


Let there be light! (Sort of)

Lighting? You might be thinking. Isn’t the whole point of a home theatre as little lighting as possible?

Well of course, but there’s still a chance you’ll want lighting when you’re not explicitly watching a movie.

Your lighting strategy needn’t be too complicated: even a few wall sconces can add some gentle, ambient light when required.


The fewer, the better! Enhance your experience with effective blackout curtains or blinds that keep as much natural light out as possible.

Projector lift at home

Little extras to enhance your cinematic experience

Many people have a specific vision when they start planning their home theatre system, and that’s simply to mimic the classic theatres of yesteryear. That could include:

  • Luxurious velvet padded walls
  • Wall sconces for ambient lighting before and after a “screening”
  • Plush, comfortable couches and chairs that offer the utmost comfort
  • Tiered seating (which helps ensure everyone has a clear, unobstructed view of the screen!)

Others, however, prefer a scaled-down, modern, and minimalistic look. Whatever your preference, the choice is entirely yours!


Lights, camera, action!

Butter the popcorn, dim the lights, and sit back and relax and you experience cinematic luxury in your very own home.

Thinking about a home theatre? Chat to Ergomotion about incorporating our motorised projector lifts into your project, or get your builder to get in touch with us – we would love to help.

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