Will an electric standing desk help relieve neck pain?

electric standing desk

Will an electric standing desk help relieve neck pain?

Many don’t realise that their desk is often one of the main suspects in cases of neck pain!

Instead, many Aussies direct their ire towards other suspects like their pillow or smartphone usage, often allowing their desk to skate by without scrutiny.

Suffering from painful neck discomfort? Can’t move your neck? Has changing your sleeping position or pillow done nothing to improve your situation?

If so, it’s time to start looking at your office desk.

In particular, we recommend replacing your old desk with a new, electric standing desk!

Is your desk (literally) being a pain in the neck?

This might sound odd, but the truth is, many of us simply don’t know how to sit at a desk properly!

You probably don’t think much about it, but there’s an entire science behind sitting at your desk in a manner that minimises pain and health problems. Height, angles and more all factor into the equation.

Unless each of these variables is tailored to match your height and posture, you can expect a host of issues to pop up – neck pain included.

Luckily, an electric standing desk can help!

How can an electric sit-stand desk help?

Unlike traditional standing desks, an electric sit-stand desk can be adjusted (and without having to fiddle with dials and knobs, either).

It’s this adjustability that allows you to set your desk at a height that’s more ergonomic for you.

Specifically, you’ll want to work at a height that:

  • Aligns your eyes with the top ⅓ of your computer screen
  • Leaves your elbows resting at a 90-degree angle
  • Supports your natural posture

Fail to accommodate these considerations, and you could be left with a range of different pains and aches!

The problem with traditional desks is that they’re one-size fits all. While you can adjust your seat or screen to compensate, this often isn’t enough to overcome the ergonomic barriers a fixed height presents.

By contrast, electric standing desks can easily be adjusted depending on the user, allowing them to enjoy a more ergonomic workstation with less effort.

How can electric standing desks reduce neck pain?

Did you know that angling your neck by a mere 15 degrees can add an additional 15 pounds – almost 7 kilos – of weight to your neck?

Thanks, gravity!

Luckily for you, electric standing desks can be set to a height that eliminates the need to crane or angle your neck.

By taking pressure off your neck, standing desks can reduce sore neck muscles – according to some studies, the effect can be by as much as 54% less than before!

When you sit, the soft discs in your back may be squished and compressed unevenly. As a result, they may struggle to expand or soak up blood and nutrients.

Long story short, this makes your spine and neck less flexible and more susceptible to disc damage (and by extension, neck pain).

The link between back pain and neck pain

One of the biggest benefits of a standing desk is a reduction in back pain.

Instead of compressing your spine and back muscles, your back will be relaxed – in many cases, a reduction in back pain can also lead to a reduction of neck pain.

You heard us right!

That’s because in some cases, neck pain is an extension of a problem in your back. This is what’s known as referred pain.

By reducing back pain, an electric height adjustable desk can also eliminate neck pain that arises from back problems.


electric sit-stand desk

Other things you can do to reduce neck pain

Electric standing desks can be a boon to those who suffer from neck pain.

However, they aren’t a cure-all solution – in some cases, you’ll have to take other measures to eliminate your neck pain.

Check your posture

The more your body grows accustomed to working in the wrong position, the more the muscles surrounding your spine and shoulders will have to compensate.

Little surprise that over time this can lead to neck pain!

Eventually, you might start suffering from a stiff neck and even disruptive and painful headaches. 

In the area of ergonomics, bad posture is public enemy number one!

Standing instead of sitting can help you improve your posture – however, you can take it even further by investing in an ergonomic office chair so that when you do sit down, you won’t be harming your neck.

Check your computer setup

Most office workers do their work using computers nowadays – naturally, computers and screens are a large part of the ergonomics equation.

You may not realise it, but your monitor could be one of the main culprits behind your neck pains.

In particular, many bulky old monitors were extremely difficult to adjust, making it hard to find a monitor position that minimises strain on your neck.

Luckily, today’s screens come with more options, allowing you to find a height that minimises neck strain.

However, there’s an even easier way!

Unlike other manufacturers, Ergomotion is more than happy to customise your electric standing desk for your needs. We offer a range of options that take your ergonomics to the next level.

One of which is monitor arms which attach to a stand that directly connects to your desk.

Monitor arms allow you to elevate, rotate and move your monitor screen to your heart’s desire. No fiddling with knobs or dials anymore – you’ll easily be able to find a height that works for you.

Australia’s leading manufacturer of electric standing desks

Fed up with neck pain? An electric standing desk might be just what you need.

Of course, that isn’t the only benefit to switching to an electric standing desk – in addition to a reduction in neck pain, you can also expect to:

  • Feel more alert
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Boost productivity
  • Reduce stress on your legs and lower back

And it all starts by choosing the right desk.

Stand up for your health – learn more about Ergomotion’s electric standing desk and how we’ve helped transform the offices all across Australia into healthier and more productive spaces.