Ergonomic Commercial Furniture For Your Business


Ergonomic Commercial Furniture For Your Business

Have you ever really thought about the chair you’re sitting on at work? Probably not.


Have you ever complained about back pain? That’s pretty likely! commercial furniture

Indeed, it has been reported that at some point in our lives 80 per cent of us will experience back pain.

The chairs you’re using at work aren’t designed to fit your body only. And if you’re not using the correct type of chairs, it’s pretty likely you’re not offering the right commercial furniture to your clients, customers and visitors!

Many manufactured chairs can’t cater to different body shapes, sizes and structures across a broad range of businesses. Instead of the chair fitting you, you’re working to fit the chair. A poor office chair can result in not only back pain, but shoulder, neck, wrist and lower leg aches, as well as an increase in health risks like heart disease and obesity.


Commercial Furniture Solutions for Business

Commercial furniture is just as important as office furniture when it comes to preventing back pain and damage. We can spend a great deal of our workdays bending, twisting and crooking our spines to adjust to poorly designed – and let’s admit it, uncomfortable – office chairs, so why should your customers, clients, visitors and guests, too?


Waiting Room Chairs

We’ve all been there – sitting in a waiting room at a doctor’s office, health clinic or beauty salon, internally questioning why we are so uncomfortable.

While it’s never the aim to make visitors wait for long periods of time, commercial seating in a room such as a waiting room may serve as the first impression of your business, so you want to ensure customers are calm and comfortable.

At Ergomotion, you can choose from folding, stackable and cantilever waiting room chairs that can match the style and décor of any waiting room.

Restaurant Chairshospitality seating

Customers visit restaurants not only for the food, but for the opportunity to socialise with friends and family, relax, and enjoy the atmosphere. Believe it or not, restaurant furniture is often one of the first things customers will notice, as it’s one of the first things we see as soon as we enter a restaurant.


Whether you’re on holiday with your family or visiting the local restaurant for the umpteenth time, you want to be seated in complete comfort.

This is why commercial seating for restaurants should accommodate the human body’s natural movements as well as being stylish and complementary to the ambiance of your restaurant.

Ergomotion provides restaurant chairs designed in-house by ergonomic experts. Our quality range is suitable for both outdoor and indoor restaurant settings, and we work with you to fit any style and budget.

Hospitality Seatingcommercial seating

The hospitality industry is huge. Markets include hotels and motels, nightclubs and bars, and government and healthcare establishments.  These businesses typically require commercial seating for visitors, guests, tourists and customers.

Ergonomic experts can create aesthetically pleasing, quality seating to accommodate the widest range of requirements of the hospitality sector.

Ergomotion’s Australian-made range of hospitality seating can even be custom-made!