How Standing Desks Are Used In Industries Around The World


How Standing Desks Are Used In Industries Around The World

The growth of standing desks in globally recognised companies is nothing new – these giant tech conglomerates have been enjoying the benefits of standing desks for many years now!

You don’t have to work for a Fortune 100 company to enjoy the perks yourself, but if anything, we have Apple, Facebook, Google, and Amazon to thank for helping shine the spotlight on the health effects of prolonged sitting as well as the extraordinary advantages of incorporating standing into your workday.

We also take a look at four key industries that gain from standing desks, as well as a quick look through history to see how office culture and layout has changed.

Standing desks used in companies all over the world

Four Key Industries That Gain From Standing Desks


Did you know that Apple CEO Tim Cook ensures that each of his 12,000 employees housed at their Apple Park, Cupertino, California headquarters has their own standing desk?

Cook, who’s famously uttered the sentiment that “sitting is the new cancer” believes that an environment where employees can consistently switch between sitting and standing will lead to a more productive office and healthier workforce.

And of course, their product, the Apple Watch, notifies users when they’ve been sitting or standing too long and that it’s time to switch!


This social network behemoth has filled its New York City HQ with more than 200 staff members.

Seems like Facebook truly prioritises its employees’ health by preserving their back and helping to boost their productivity while at work – engineers can choose to use an electric sit-stand desk in the office, allowing them to seamlessly switch between sitting and standing throughout their workday.


Staffers at one of the world’s most famous tech companies enjoy using standing desks during their workday to remain alert, focused, and energised.


Those who work at Amazon have no doubt started to spot more and more heads soaring above their own. Staffers make the transition – and immediately start reaping! – the benefits of rejecting a sedentary lifestyle.

Employees can submit a request for a standing desk to enjoy better health and relief from sore legs and backs.

Standing desks boost productivity

Industries and professions that benefit immensely from standing desks

Medical specialists

Medical imaging specialists spend their days at their desk, deeply analysing vaiours scans, documents, and images.

Standing desks help reinject vigour into the office, helping specialists remain focused, energised, and alert during these critical tasks.

Illustrators and writers

Illustrators, artists and writers are used to poring over their desks in order to perfect their work, often for hours on end. Along with that comes neck, head, shoulder, and back pain.

Alleviate body strains and improve your posture with a standing desk. Best of all, consistently moving throughout the day can also help improve creativity!

Any sort of desk job

Whether you’re in IT, sales, or marketing, most of us have simply been forced to get used to a 9-5 day sitting at a desk. We seldom take breaks, and when we do, we often remain at our desks, taking only a few minutes to recharge our brains.

But what about recharging our bodies, too? Stand up for better health – and improved productivity – with an electric sit-stand desk.

Switching between sitting and standing throughout the workday improves productivity, boosts creativity, and importantly, negates the damaging effects of prolonged sitting.

Standing desks help employees stay focused and alert

How office culture and layout has changed

Desks crammed in wherever they could fit

The earlier office settings didn’t have too much strategising or planning behind it. If a desk could fit (albeit awkwardly), there it would stay!

This would maximise the number of desk workers operating at any one time.

A return to the classroom with rows of employees

This type of setting – reminiscent of a classroom – was created so that everyone is visible and facing the same way. This ensures you can spot distracted or unproductive employees!


Private offices dictated hierarchy and status in the workplace, and were reserved for those higher up in a company.

Private cubicles

Cubicles soared in the 60s, but became stuffy and isolating, hence the more modern growth of open-plan offices.

Open spaces

Open office plans have become the blueprint, particularly for young and innovative start-ups. These types of spaces encourage collaboration and removes hierarchy.

These modern spaces are not only practical, but they look great, too!

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