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Stand up for better health with a custom electric standing desk from Ergomotion

Our Australian-made motiondesk® electric standing desks allow users to easily, effortlessly, and quickly adjust between sitting and standing, leading to reduced OH&S risks, a more productive workplace, and a healthier you! We are based in Melbourne and ship country wide.

Edesk with elegant oak desktop and white frame


This entry level electric standing desk is ideal for home office and light duty environments. Multiple desktop colours available as standard for quick delivery. This desk is only available as a straight desk.

Height Adjustable Desk Motiondesk® 2 & 3 – DL11

Motiondesk® 1- DL 2

This single-post electric standing desk is perfect for corner office spaces or can be set up alongside other DL2 electric sit stand desks to create a three- or four-way pod.


Motiondesk® 2 & 3 – DL11

This custom electric standing desk accommodates most human dimensions and can be configured with two or three legs, depending on your requirements. Multiple memory options make switching between sitting and standing even easier.

Height Adjustable Desk Motiondesk® 2 & 3 – DL 14

Motiondesk® 2 & 3 – DL 14

An impressive 660mm of adjustment exceeds local standards for adjustability, while a low starting height makes it a great choice for children. The DL 14 electric standing desk can be customised as a straight or corner desk to suit your needs.

Height Adjustable Desk Motiondesk® 2 & 3-DL17

Motiondesk® 2 & 3-DL17

The DL 17 electric standing desk has a very low starting height (580mm) which makes it the perfect choice for children. Quick adjustment and silent motors mean you can effortlessly switch from sitting to standing in just 15 seconds.

Custom-made electric standing desks

All Ergomotion motiondesk® standing desks can be custom made to suit your exact dimensions or requirements. The above models are some of our most popular configurations, and these will suit 99% of our clients.

If you have something else in mind or want to talk to our standing desk experts, please give us a call on (03) 9579 1454 or fill in this form and we will get back to you.

Choose Ergomotion Standing Desk as it stands up from competition

to the competition

Sleek and powerful Danish motors combined with Australian manufacturing on our motiondesk® electric standing desks ensures you’ll enjoy a high-quality desk for years to come!

Choose Ergomotion Sit Stand Desk for safe design


Separate motors in each leg of your Motiondesk® electric standing desks ensures superior lifting speed, greater weight capacity, and higher performance, while anti-collision technology prevents accidents.

Choose Ergomotion Height Adjustable Desk for no hidden cost


Now you can customise your workspace at no additional cost! Motiondesk® electric standing desks can be built to your exact height and office dimensions.

Choose Ergomotion Electric Standing Desk made in Australia

In Australia

One of the country’s most recognised symbols, Ergomotion is proud to certify that our motiondesk® electric standing desks are Australian-made.

Choose Ergomotion Stand up Desk for 10 year warranty

Up to 10-Year Waranty

For our motiondesk® standing desks we offer an incredible 10-year warranty and for the Edesk electric standing desks we offer a 3 year warranty that covers the frame and electronics of the desks.

A higher level of HEALTH

Effortlessly switch between sitting and standing at the push of a button.
With up to a 10-year warranty, our Danish-engineered motors won’t let you down!

A higher level of STYLE

Stylish finishes match your aesthetic.

Choose from more than 40 table top finishes and choose your leg colour, too!

A higher level of CUSTOMISATION

Our Australian-made Motiondesk® electric standing desks are customised around YOU! .
Get the right fit for your height, requirements, and intended use.

A higher level of SERVICE

Your new electric standing desk is delivered fully assembled direct to your door.

Ready to use in minutes thanks to our plug-and-play system.

Who are electric sit stand desks for?

Anyone who wants to improve their health during their workday can benefit from an adjustable electric sit stand desk or as they are sometimes referred to as standing desks.

In particular, we’ve identified a few core groups that can benefit greatly from standing desks, and reduce the health risks associated with an increasingly sedentary lifestyle.

  • Corporates
  • Healthcare professions
  • Small businesses

Providing high quality ergonomic office furniture to staff is becoming increasingly important to reduce work-related injuries and create a safer and more comfortable working environment for your team.

Within seconds, employees can effortlessly adjust from sitting to standing throughout the day, thanks to powerful, quiet, and energy efficient Dutch motors.

Most of our day is spent sitting: travelling to and from work, eating meals, and watching TV.

For office workers, that’s on top of the 7 hours they already spend at their desk! The result? For many Australians, the majority of their days are spent sitting, and we’re living an ever-increasing sedentary lifestyle.

With an electric standing desk, you can sit and stand at work with ease!

The health and productivity benefits of electric height adjustable sit stand desks are clear:

  • Better circulation and cardiovascular health
  • Less stress on your back and joints
  • Less muscular tension
  • Improved concentration
  • Reduced OH&S risks
  • Increased comfort

In fact, the evidence is so compelling that adjustable work spaces have been required as part of EU legislation EN 527-1 for more than a decade!


Providing a higher level of health, quality & design

Google Reviews


Google Reviews

Nick Richards 20/05/22

A friend referred me to Ergomotion after I had done a lot of research on standing desks online. Guy happened to be local to me and he was very professional to deal with, I had a look at his demo desks and bought one on the spot. The product has been great, very sturdy, well made and at a good price - I would thoroughly recommend Ergomotion.

Nancy Tseng 22/04/22

I would highly recommend this electric desk to all ages, the the best decision I’ve made for my sons study table. The service was excellent, prompt in responses and on time schedule with the delivery time. The removalists were very careful bringing into our study room on the second level.
Very happy with the purchase!!

Farhin C 12/04/22

Amazing e-desk - sturdy, spacious and great quality wood. It fits well into the home office. Assembling it was mostly straightforward with the video! Thanks Guy

Nick G 11/04/22

I'm only just reading all the Google Reviews now, just before writing this, after having purchased and built a desk; and this is basically going to be saying the same thing as all the others, the owner, Guy, is absolutely great and so are the desks. There's a reason why all the reviews are genuine 5 stars. I had been doing research on numerous sit/stand desks and the manufactures of the frames/motors that go into them. I wanted a good quality and reliable setup so I decided to something that utilised Linak (manufacturer) hardware and so I set out trying to find a sit/stand desk that used them. As I was after something specific, I contacted a number businesses before placing an order so that I understood exactly what it was I was purchasing. Unfortunately most of those other businesses seemed more interested in B2B, and a couple didn't even bother responding. I had even gone so far as to contact a business in Canada, who eagerly could supply everything, but unfortunately not for running on 240v. I almost gave up and was just about to head to Ikea. Then I came across Ergomotion. I shot through an email with some questions about their Edesk, and I got a clear informative response within hours. The owner, Guy, kindly followed up, answered further questions, and was also able to order extra parts from Linak on request. To ensure I had all the information I needed before placing an order, he even went so far as to warn me of a slight upcoming price increase. Guy knows his products, knows it in great detail and has a wealth of helpful knowledge.

Ronnie Bernhart 04/04/22


Alice Burgess 19/03/22

Great customer service and desk is exactly as described. Setting it all up was straight forward too. The electric movement up and down is really smooth and quiet - couldn't be happier!

Kevin Ha 17/03/22

After a very unpleasant and disappointing customer service experience with another desk from one of the more "well-known" commercial standing desk companies, I came across Ergomotion and Guy after extensive research to find a replacement and I am glad turned out this way. Dealing with Guy was an absolute pleasure, he was able to answer all my questions and provide me with a range of customisation options including a solid rubberwood desk top which I decided on after seeing the desk in person. In the end, I ended up with a higher quality desk and look forward to continue using it for years to come. Thanks Guy!

Anthony Lunken 17/03/22

We’ve had an Ergomotion High /Low Desk since 2015, well before standing at a work station was a “Thing” in Australia. It’s been fabulous! It’s reliable, speedy and quiet in its height adjustments. Guy, the business owner, is approachable for after sales service queries. To achieve more posture positions & comfort, we use a 10cm foot stool while standing! Many thanks Guy for the great service… Cheers Avril & Tony (Heidelberg West, formerly Moorabbin)

Andre Fernandez 15/03/22

Before purchasing from Ergomotion, I wondered how a business can actually have a 5.0 star perfect rating on Google. After purchasing an electric standing desk and dealing with Guy, I know how. 1) HIGH QUALITY: The desks from here all use high quality LINAK motors and frames. The desk top that I received was commercial grade laminate from Laminex. 2) GENUINE SERVICE: When I initially wanted a more expensive variant, Guy explained to me the differences and suggested the more affordable variant. 3) CUSTOMISATION: Guy helped me customise the size of the size of my desktop - something no other business offered. 4) CONVENIENCE: For a nominal fee, Guy delivered the desk, FULLY ASSEMBLED. All I did was plug it in. Can't get this level of convenience with any other of the many businesses that offer standing desks. If I buy another standing desk, it will be from Ergomotion.

Tas Maniatis 15/03/22

Amazing customer service and quality product and exceeded expectations. I would definitely recommend Ergomotion for their exception product offering and service.