10 Important Factors to Consider on How to Choose a Standing Desk

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10 Important Factors to Consider on How to Choose a Standing Desk


Standing desks have gained popularity due to their potential health benefits and the ability to promote an active work environment. However, with numerous options available in the market, choosing the right standing desk can be overwhelming. To make an informed decision, consider these ten important factors to help you choose a standing desk.

1. Height Adjustability:

Make sure the desk can be easily adjusted to suit your height preferences and provide a comfortable working position, whether you’re sitting or standing. Electric adjustability is the easiest way to adjust your standing desk.

2. Stability and Sturdiness:

A standing desk should be stable and sturdy to support your equipment and provide a secure work surface. Consider desks made from high-quality materials. Ergomotion® motiondesk® standing desks use electronics from Linak in Denmark and the rest of the desk is designed and manufactured in Australia.

3. Weight Capacity:

Check the weight capacity of the desk to ensure it can safely hold your equipment and other office essentials. A higher weight capacity is generally preferable, especially if you have multiple monitors or plan to add extra accessories.

4. Surface Area:

Evaluate the surface area of the sit stand up desk to ensure it offers sufficient space for your work setup, including monitors, documents, and other peripherals. Consider your workflow and the items you typically use to determine the appropriate desk size.

5. Ergonomics:

Look for features that promote good ergonomics, such as adjustable monitor arms, and cable management systems. These features can help you maintain a comfortable and healthy posture while working.

6. Ease of Use:

Consider how easy it is to operate the desk’s adjustment mechanisms. Look for desks with smooth and quiet height adjustments, as this will allow you to transition between sitting and standing positions effortlessly.

7. Assembly and Installation:

Check whether the desk comes with clear instructions and easy-to-follow assembly steps. Some desks may require professional assistance for installation, so factor in the additional costs or effort involved.

8. Aesthetics:

Consider the overall design and aesthetics of the desk to ensure it complements your workspace. Standing desks are available in various styles, materials, and finishes, allowing you to choose one that aligns with your personal preferences and existing décor.

9. Price and Value for Money:

Set a budget for your standing desk and explore options within that range. While price is a consideration, prioritize value for money by evaluating the desk’s features, quality, and durability in relation to its cost.

10. Warranty and Customer Support:

Check the warranty offered by the manufacturer, as it reflects their confidence in the product’s quality. Additionally, research customer reviews and ratings to gauge the level of customer support provided by the company. Also check how long the company has been in business. The longer they have been in business and more confidence you will have in their products and customer support.


Choosing the right standing desk is crucial for your comfort, productivity, and overall well-being. By considering these ten factors – height adjustability, stability, weight capacity, surface area, ergonomics, ease of use, assembly, aesthetics, price, and warranty/customer support – you’ll be equipped to make an informed decision that meets your specific needs and preferences. Remember, investing in a quality standing desk is an investment in your health and work performance.

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Google Reviews

Rod Hathway 10/11/23

Awesome experience. Great value, super customer experience, ordered, assembled and picked up in 24 hours!

Dom K 06/11/23

Skip the big name brands and buy from Guy instead, 10/10 linak parts with a very well built tabletop.

Chris Wu 06/11/23

I purchased the edesk from Guy at Ergomotion. Guy was a pleasure to deal with and the desk arrived the next day. Guy was highly knowledgeable on the desk and provided very prompt support on the installation. I can highly recommend Ergomotion.

Albert Altit 29/09/23

Excellent quality and superb Customer service. Guy walked us through the options and benefits of each and enabled us to easily decide on which option we wanted.

Installation was a breeze - Guy did a fantastic job !!

Long Hei Tai 15/09/23

Guy is very helpful on my inquiry. The desk is very good in quality and I love it very much.

Thai Nguyen 03/09/23

This is the second desk I have ordered to cater for my growing business. I find the quality of the products excellent and definitely an investment for the future. Great and efficient service and very helpful from the ordering process to the delivery process also. Thank so much to Guy who did a great job with following up and providing updates every step of the way.

GT 01/09/23

Brilliant product, realisable and fast delivery. Thanks guy and the team.

Joanne Hall 31/07/23

Excellent service and a fantastic product! Absolutely loving my stand/sit electric desk.

Felicia Brennan 21/07/23

Love the stand up desk! The desk top and frame is really sturdy and the transition between standing and sitting options is very smooth. The service and communication was also incredible. Guy was so kind and helpful. He was so lovely to build the desk and help us load it up into the truck. Could not recommend Ergomotion enough. So pleased with my purchase. Thanks so much!

Zac Milner 15/07/23

Brilliant customer service - took only 20 minutes to set up and the desk itself is amazing quality.