Discover These 5 Cable Management Ideas


Discover These 5 Cable Management Ideas

Cable management involves tidily and securely storing electrical wires, plugs, cords and cables at a building, workplace, office or at home.


cable management

Until we move into an entirely wireless world, cable management is still imperative for fields like IT and power distribution, and institutes like hospitals. Additionally, though, small-scale businesses and even your home can benefit from healthy cable practises. It is a small thing that can make a big difference.

Not only is initial set up of various cabled equipment made easier, but so too is all subsequent cable management and adjustment. Securely storing cables also frees up the space under your desk, so you can liberally stretch your legs and flex and point your toes throughout periods of sitting.

Moreover, a thick bunch of cables can be quite unsightly!


Label Your Cables

Cable management is all about simplifying and neatening cords and wires that otherwise may become tangled and damaged. You can label your cables with stickers, markers or even fastening tags from bags of bread!label cables


Labels help to keep cables and wires organised.

Colour coding is a great way to distinguish where both ends of a cord are plugged in so you can easily identify both outputs. You know how frustrating it is when you unplug one end of a cord and, among all the identical-looking cords, can’t figure out where the other end is!

Shorten Lengthy Cords

Lengthy cords aren’t always necessary, especially for instances like work desks, where every device that is plugged in is contained in a radius expanding about 2 metres (if that!)

“Cable spaghetti” is a term used to describe long and tangled cords or wires. Lengthy cords pose as a tripping hazard, and can become unplugged and be damaged as a result of a trip.

Trips and falls account for most of the minor injuries at work, but they can still be responsible for serious injuries, depending on the severity of the fall.

Organise Cables with Desk Cable Trays

A desk cable tray is like a little basket that is easily fixed to the underside of your desk. It neatly contains cords from your computer, laptop, phone, modem and speakers.
The open design of the cable trays means that heat easily dispersed to protect your equipment, cords and desk. Cords are kept off the floor thus the risk of trips and falls is reduced.
desk cable trays
Ergomotion’s Desk Cable Trays are flexible and can be affixed to many different table shapes.

Additionally, Ergomotion supplies Powered Cable Trays. These trays have power points and data points attached, so you don’t have to worry about extra power boards on the floor or in the wall.


Mount your Computer with a CPU Holder

For those with limited desk space, a central processing unit (CPU) holder – or computer holder – is a sturdy mechanism that can grip your computer horizontally or vertically underneath your desk.

CPU holders help to keep your computer cool by increasing airflow and reduce the amount of dust that may enter the system, keeping it cleaner and in better working order.

They’re easily fixed to the underside of your desk, so just set it and forget it!

Ergomotion’s horizontal and vertical computer holders can sustain up to 40kg!

Store Cords in a Paper Towel Tube

A really cheap and basic solution is using a paper towel tube. It’s great for holding spare cables like extension cords in storage while avoiding tangles. It’s also fantastic for storing Christmas lights!