How to get the most out of an electric standing desk

electric standing desk

How to get the most out of an electric standing desk

You’ve finally decided to give that electric standing desk a go! 

You’ve convinced your boss of the health and performance benefits. You may even have used some of the talking points we gave you.

Now the big day has come – you enter the office to find your old desk replaced with an electric standing desk.

It feels good to use your standing desk for the first time. It’s sturdy, just the right height and it adjusts silently.

However, it can feel even better if you take a couple of extra steps!

Alternate between sitting and standing

You know that prolonged sitting can be bad for your health.

What you might not know is that standing for long periods can be just as bad!

Just ask anyone who works in food service or a production line – standing all day comes with its own unique problems:

  • Muscle aches and pain
  • Varicose veins
  • Cramps

The key to getting the most out of your standing desks is to alternate between sitting and standing frequently throughout the day. 

This way, you can enjoy all the benefits of standing, without the potential complications!

No matter how much you love to sit in that ergonomic office chair or confidently stand at your standing desk, switching positions can greatly improve your focus and work productivity.

Your electric sit stand desk switches heights seamlessly, without disrupting you and the task at hand.

Make sure you maintain the right posture while standing

Standing isn’t the only thing that’s good for your health – it’s also important that you stand with the right posture too!

You might not realise it, but poor posture has a significant effect on your health. Muscle pain, fatigue, and low energy levels… slouching and slumping can cause a whole host of issues, many of which can translate into bigger problems like back pain.

Take your electric sit-stand desk to the next level by taking measures to maintain your posture both when sitting and standing.

In particular, make sure that you:

  • Keep your shoulders straight (don’t bunch them up!) 
  • Evenly distribute weight on both feet
  • Stand with your feet slightly apart

And what of the periods when you’re sitting? Luckily for you, our ergonomic office chairs are specially designed to provide support and help you maintain good posture while seated.

electric sit-stand desk

Get comfortable with your footwear

You’re going to be spending a lot more time on your feet, after all – best to make sure your shoes are comfortable!

When buying shoes for work, make sure that you choose a pair that has good arch support, and which will give your feet the support that they need while standing.

Comfort should also be the number one factor to consider so you can sit and stand at your convenience!

We suggest avoiding wearing high heels while working, as you might put strain on your legs and feet while standing at your desk.

And if you’re wearing closed shoes, make sure that your toes have enough space to move and wriggle.

Not only does good footwear protect your feet, but it can also keep you standing!

Think about it – if you wear uncomfortable shoes, are you really going to look forward to standing at your desk? Of course not!

Adjust your desk and screen

It isn’t enough to stand at your desk – your desk should be set to a height that fits your body.

Specifically, you’ll want to ensure that your desk and screen are set to levels that won’t put any unnecessary strain on your body.

That means setting your electric standing desk to a height where

  • Your elbows are at a 90 degree angle
  • They rest comfortably on the table
  • Your eyes align with the top third of your screen
  • You don’t need to crane your neck to do your work
  • There’s a half metre distance to your computer screen

Luckily for you, our electric standing desks (by virtue of being adjustable) can be tweaked to suit each individual user.

What’s more, they also come with the option to include other ergonomic features…

Consider these great extras! 

At Ergomotion, we don’t just produce electric sit-stand desks – we also produce a range of ergonomic supports and extras to make your workday healthier and more comfortable.

Best of all, many of these can be integrated into your electric standing desk to maximise the health benefits!

For example, monitor arms give you even more control over the angle and height of your computer monitor.

With this, you can adjust your screen until you’re comfortable, eliminating the need to crane your neck (and all the posture problems that come with it).

Best of all, they can be integrated into your electric standing desk, making your workstation even more ergonomic than it already was!

Use a non-slip and anti-fatigue mat

It’s a small thing, but it can make a world of difference!

When we stand, we don’t stand completely still. Many of us fidget and move while using our standing desks – this is a good thing!

Ideally, your work area should support this type of movement.

And that’s where the Topo standing mat comes in.

With its soft material and curved surface, this mat gives office workers plenty of support for their feet, no matter what stance they take while standing.

Over time, this can help alleviate cramps, pain and discomfort whenever you use your electric standing desk.

To get the most of your electric standing desk, you should include a Topo mat when using it for you to move and stretch with comfort while standing.

Consult with any existing injuries before using the standing desk

Before you start using your electric standing desk, make sure you consult with your doctor or physiotherapist regarding any existing injuries that you might have, past or present.

The use of a standing desk will see you sitting and standing throughout the day. For some people, this can aggravate existing back, leg, or hip injuries.

Before making the transition to an electric standing desk, it’s a good idea to talk to a medical expert first to determine if it’s appropriate for you.

Get the most out of your electric standing desk with Ergomotion

And of course, it’s crucial that your electric standing desk is of high quality!

You aren’t going to be getting much out of your desk if it’s cheap, poorly-made or not up for the rigours of daily office work.

Many of our clients have found this out the hard way – late last year, we were contracted by a large state government agency.

Our brief was simple: to replace the faulty standing desks they had purchased from a no-name overseas manufacturer.

After a few short months, their motors were seizing up and the hydraulic table legs failed, leading the desks to skew and computer equipment and paperwork to fall all over the place!

Don’t be like them – get the most out of your electric standing desk by choosing a quality desk that’s built to last.

Ergomotion’s Motiondesk® range is proudly made right here in Melbourne, combining quality European motors and hydraulics with Aussie ingenuity and workmanship.

We’ll help you get the most out of your desk! 

Call our ergonomics experts on (03) 9579 1454 or fill in the form to reach out to us.