How to win your boss over and ask for an electric standing desk

electric standing desk

How to win your boss over and ask for an electric standing desk

You’ve read the articles, done your research and seen the statistics. You already understand that spending all day seated in a chair is damaging to your health.

And you’re convinced that an electric standing desk would be the perfect solution for your workplace.

There’s just one more hurdle to overcome: you need to convince your boss to approve it!

Unsure how you’re going to make your case? We’ve got some strong arguments you can use in your favour!

Play up the health benefits of standing desks

Are you a recent convert to the idea of standing desks in the workplace? If so, we’ll bet you $5 that it was the health benefits that won you over.

With health consciousness at an all-time high, it’s little wonder that electric standing desks are appearing in more and more Australian workplaces.

So why not lead with this?

Tell your boss that electric standing desks can…

Help you keep your waistline under control

When it comes to losing weight, it’s all about calories in versus calories out. We all know this.

What you may not have known is that standing for an hour can burn up anywhere between 100 and 200 calories, depending on a range of factors. By contrast, sitting for an hour only burns 60-130 calories.

Now multiply that by the length of a typical workday, and it’s clear to see that even something as simple as standing more can be quite effective at helping you keep your weight in check!

When trying to persuade your boss, emphasise how their weight could potentially improve by turning your workplace into a standing one.

Reduced risk of long-term health problems

Most managers spend a lot of time seated.

If that time is spent seated, they’ll dramatically increase their risk of heart disease.

If you want to convince your boss to employ electric standing desks in the workplace, be sure to speak to their own anxieties about their health.

Once you convince them of these benefits, it won’t be difficult to persuade them to introduce them to other parts of the office!

Reduce neck and back pain

Does your boss frequently complain of neck and back pain?

If so, be sure to mention how powerful standing desks can be at providing relief!

Sitting for extended periods compresses your back muscles and spinal cord, and can put extra strain on your lower back.

Another consequence is tightness in your hip flexors and restricted blood flow, both of which can lead to lower back pain.

Not to mention, it frequently encourages bad posture as well.

A more ergonomic office chair and desk setup is one way to combat this – another is by spending more time on your feet.

By standing, you’re reducing the amount of time spent seated, giving your back and spine time to recover and bounce back.

Don’t be afraid to speak to their managerial instincts, either – less back and neck pain means fewer distractions, which leads to a more productive team!

Speak to their managerial instincts

Managers have a job to do: namely, to ensure that the team is working well and that projects are being completed on time and on budget.

By their nature, bosses are numbers driven – they’re all about productivity and results.

Luckily for your “sales pitch”, standing desks are proven to positively impact office dynamics and worker performance!

electric standing desk

Explain how standing facilitates improved and cohesive teamwork

As a manager, one of their biggest concerns is finding ways to maximise productivity and ensure that project teams are working together.

If you want to persuade your boss, be sure to mention how standing up is good for teamwork!

According to some research, standing meetings are more productive than meetings spent seated.

Specifically, researchers concluded that standing changes group dynamics, reducing the effects of hierarchy and encouraging a more collaborative atmosphere as a result – just what a manager wants from their teams.

This can make your department run more smoothly, which in turn reflects well on the person in charge!

Tell them how standing desks can contribute to an engaged team

As any boss knows, it’s the people in a department that are its most valuable resource. One of a manager’s key responsibilities is ensuring that their team is switched-on, alert and engaged.

And electric sit-stand desks can help with that.

In the same study that found standing desks improve teamwork, researchers also found that standing desks increase alertness and engagement with work.

Researchers found that standing also increases “mental arousal” – basically, when you stand, your brain has more things to focus on, and subconsciously cranks up the dial.

This is an especially effective argument if your boss supervises an early morning or night shift, or if the type of work you do is on the monotonous side of things!

Finally, don’t be afraid to mention how it can reduce employee turnover!

Their employees will appreciate it

What boss doesn’t want to look after their team?

So you’ve listed out all the health benefits of switching to electric sit-stand desks.

Now, cap it all off by telling them how much you and the team would appreciate proactive measures to look after their health and wellbeing.

Pitch it as an employee welfare and morale issue –  if your manager cares about staff wellbeing at all, they’ll put serious thought into what you say!

Suggest, offer, or request?

The hardest part in making any proposal is deciding how you’re going to approach your boss with your idea. In fact, for some it’s the most anxiety-inducing part of the process – what if your electric standing desk proposal gets shot down?

If you’re struggling, begin by building your approach.

Ultimately, you know your boss better than we do, and you will know what approach will be most effective.

Depending on your boss’ personality, you may want to think about:

  • Timing – bosses are busy people, after all!
  • Make the request – should you approach them using formal avenues, or bring it up in conversation?
  • What approach to use – do you focus on how it will protect staff, or on how it can improve the office?
  • Find strength in numbers – don’t be afraid to enlist others to strengthen your case

Finally, don’t be afraid to compromise! Instead of replacing every desk with an electric standing desk, perhaps suggest a handful of desks that employees can move to when they feel like they need to get up.

Electric standing desks and more

Call Ergomotion today!

You’ve done it! Using your powers of persuasion, you’ve convinced your boss that electric standing desks are the right choice for your office.

That’s the hard part over – now all you have to do is choose a supplier.

Ergomotion builds and supplies standing desks in Australia. From our factory in Melbourne, we ship to workplaces all over the country.

Our specialty is custom orders and boutique desks. We understand that ergonomics is highly dependent on the individual, which is why we tailor our desks for our customers.

Unlike the cheap desks from overseas factories or the prebuilt ones at your office supplier, each of our electric standing desks can be custom-made to fit your workplace’s needs.

We also offer a range of ergonomic add-ons to ensure even greater comfort in the office!

Do you:

  • Want monitor arms to reduce neck strain?
  • Need specific dimensions?
  • Want inbuilt cable trays or electrical sockets?
  • Want a specific colour to fit with your office aesthetic or branding?

Just tell us what you need, and we can do it!

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