How IT professionals benefit from our electric standing desks

Electric standing desks

How IT professionals benefit from our electric standing desks

At Ergomotion, we provide standing desks to workplaces all over Melbourne.

And IT businesses take up a large part of our business!

IT professionals have embraced the concept of electric sit-stand desks, with standing desks present in many IT departments around Melbourne (and Australia!).

It makes sense, we suppose. IT personnel are some of the most desk-bound workers out there, spending all day seated and concentrated on their computers.

And as we all know, sitting for prolonged hours can result in a range of neck, back, and hip pain, as well as poor (and painful!) posture.

IT professionals are starting to stand up for their health. So we’re here to make sure their offices are fitted out with electric standing desks that allow them to enjoy the benefits of alternating between sitting and standing.

So how can our electric standing desks in Melbourne benefit IT professionals?

Enjoy a more active workstation

Like it or not, IT professionals usually spend most of their time in front of their computers with few opportunities to stand.

Electric standing desks provide IT personnel with a more active workstation that allows them to freely alternate between sitting and standing.

You’ll be able to freely switch between sitting and standing, and achieve the healthiest balance between the two.

The constant switching between these two positions keeps your leg muscles activated, rather than sitting passively like they would otherwise!

Improve mood and energy levels

We’ve all felt the Monday morning blues at one point or another.

Luckily, there are ways to make it go away – including bringing standing desks into your workplace.

If you are an IT professional who sits most of the time and who doesn’t keep active, then inactivity can often leave a feeling of lethargy.

In particular, it can also send a message to your brain that it’s time for a nap.

You’ve also probably noticed that feelings of sluggishness almost immediately dissipate once you get up to leave for the day.

That isn’t just the home time excitement talking – it’s your brain literally waking up!

Since you’ll be standing throughout the day with an electric sit-stand desk, you will be keeping your brain and your body in a state of alertness and wakefulness.

Thus, you can increase your energy and mood throughout the day.

Improved teamwork and collaboration

While health is the main benefit of using an electric height adjustable desk, it isn’t the only one!

You may not have known, but standing desks can also foster a more collaborative atmosphere in your IT department.

According to some studies, the use of electric standing desks is directly tied to reduced feelings of territoriality, better information sharing and a more cooperative workspace.

When IT personnel use standing desks while working, they are more willing to interact, share ideas, and connect with others.

An IT office fitted out with standing desks enjoys:

  • More open communication
  • Better collaboration
  • Freer flow of ideas
  • More energised that are willing to collaborate

So if your IT team is struggling with these areas, you might consider standing desks as part of your workspace.

Standing desks

Stand up for your health with an electric standing desk!

No conversation about standing desks is complete without mentioning their health benefits.

We’ve talked at length before about the negative consequences of sedentary behaviour, as well as how alternating between sitting and standing can help protect you from these problems.

In short, using electric standing desks can:

  • Improve cardiovascular health
  • Reduce obesity and diabetes
  • Help with weak muscles
  • Prevent muscle fatigue

In addition to their long-term problems, these body pains and conditions can also hinder an IT professional’s work and distract them.

Just another reason our desks are so popular among IT departments!

Enhance your standing desks with optional extras

Ergomotion does more than just produce standing desks in Melbourne – we also produce of other ergonomic aids intended to build a healthier workplace.

These optional extras can turn your IT department into the healthiest one possible!

Monitor arms

Monitor arms help readjust and keep your monitor at an ergonomic height, reducing neck strain and improving posture.

Cable trays

Up your cable management game – our desk cable trays ensure that your cables are neatly arranged and that tripping hazards are minimised.

CPU holders

In addition to protecting computer towers from damage, our CPU holders can also be rotated if you need to access the back of a computer tower thanks to a handy pivot mount.

Each of these can be integrated into your standing desk if requested.

We can create custom standing desks tailored for your IT firm’s unique requirements.

Looking for high-quality standing desks in Melbourne?

Contact Ergomotion today!

Transform your IT office the ideal working environment with Ergomotion’s range of standing desks!

Manufactured right here in Melbourne, our standing desks allow busy IT professionals to get a break from sitting in front of their monitor all day.

We use high-quality components and materials, including electrical motors sourced from Europe.

Combined with our trademark workmanship, and we’re able to ensure that our desks will stand up to the rigours of real-world work, unlike a lot of the cheap standing desks you’ll find online.

So make sure you stand up for your health!

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