New feature! Operate your standing desk from your computer

New feature! Operate your standing desk from your computer

We at Ergomotion are excited to announce a brand-new feature that is sure to shut down those who complain a sit stand desk is too burdensome to operate!

Desk Control™ is the new software from Linak – whose technology is used across all of our standing desks – designed to make it simpler to naturally incorporate both sitting and standing into your workday.

How does DeskControl™ work?

DeskControl™ is a piece of software that is installed onto your computer. It looks just like the physical panel on your desk, but this one is an interactive one that slips adjustment of your desk into your normal routine.

Linak are at the forefront of continuous innovation, striving to show (and tell) just how easy in can be to integrate non-sedentary behaviour into your day – whether you work from home or in the office.

What are the features?

Linak’s hi-tech software, based on many years of experience, contains the same features as your on-desk panel, including up and down adjustment as well as three memory positions.

DeskControl™ has three views:

The first is the standard view, which shows your current status, today’s goals, your current height, and your memory buttons (your three favourite heights, commonly your sitting height, your standing height, and an alternative height).

The next view is your settings. This is where you can set and adjust data like your table height, your weight (to measure calories burned) and the sessions you aim to achieve during the day (e.g.: your aim is two standing sessions per hour, with both standing sessions lasting 20 minutes each). You can also decide here how you would like to be reminded to switch between sitting and standing, and whether your data is displayed in time (minutes) or how many calories you have burned.

When you are reminded to switch your position, you can choose to honour the switch, or snooze or skip a session. Snoozing postpones the reminder for ten minutes, and skipping a session means you simply skip until you reach the next session (but we discourage this!)

The final view is your history, which provides statistics based on the past day, week, month, or year. You can even export data to excel format to track your efforts!

Why do I need to stand?

I can’t be bothered standing at work” (actually, it can help alleviate that three o’clock slump!)

I don’t have time to mess about with standing and sitting” (Then a height memory feature means an electric sit stand desk is perfect for you.)

I simply don’t need to stand up during the day” (Oh really? How does the risk of weight gain, belly fat, and diabetes sound?)

These are the excuses we used to hear all the time. The reality is that it’s hard to break a behavioural habit that has been completed learned.

Today, though, there is a total shift in perception and understanding.

We are so thrilled to see how everyday workers, like you and I, are learning about the benefits of a standing desk at work, and, additionally, realising the adverse health risks associated with sedentary behaviour.

Can’t I just buy a cheap stand for my desk?

Well, of course you can. You can put your stuff on the stand. You can move your keyboard, monitor, laptop, speakers, and mouse onto this stand. And you can push your office chair away. And you can do the exact opposite in an hour. And then you can repeat it, on the hour, every hour, from 9am to 5pm.

See where we’re going with this? If it’s too complicated to use, you’re simply not going to use it. So what’s the point?

Sedentary behaviour, we must clarify, doesn’t necessary refer to sitting all day (though that’s the example often cited). It is, rather, any behaviour that leaves our body in a sedentary position – with little to no movement – where blood flow, calorie burning rate, and posture are all compromised.

Remember – whether you sit all day or stand all day is detrimental to your health. An electric standing desk, paired with Linak’s DeskControl™ software, really leaves you with no excuse as to why you can’t stand up for your health.

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