Standing Art Tables for Ascot Vale Special School.


Standing Art Tables for Ascot Vale Special School.

Ergomotion® has just completed a project for Ascot Vale Special School for electric height adjustable sit stand art tables for children with special needs.

Ascot Vale Special School has excellent facilities, programs and fantastic students and aims to prepare these young people, with a cognitive disability, to reach their full potential and become active and engaged citizens. The school has a wonderful Kitchen and Garden Program that the students love to engage in, along with specialist Art and PE programs. Ascot Vale Special School is an exciting place to be and students are given every opportunity to succeed in their learning, social and well-being. They are supported by highly skilled and trained staff.



After completing a project a few years ago for electric height adjustable cooking tables for the children, the school asked Ergomotion® to develop electric height adjustable sit stand art tables. The brief was to manufacture and supply special large art tables for their students. The art tables needed to be large (2400x1200mm) and accommodate 8-10 children at each desk, from 6 years old to 18 years old, so ease of adjustability and range of height was crucial. 4 tables were manufactured and supplied so the art teacher could easily adjust the tables to suit the children’s varying heights and needs. The large art tables were manufactured by using our motiondesk2-DL11 range as a double frame configuration so that all 4 legs worked together to lift the large table with ease and stability.




We look forward to working with Ascot Vale Special School again to further enhance their already state of the art facilities they have for their students.

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