Working from home? Get our Edesk electric standing desk!

electric standing desk

Working from home? Get our Edesk electric standing desk!

It isn’t just toilet paper and non-perishables that have been flying off the shelves thanks to Coronavirus.

According to many office furniture retailers, there’s also been a run on office furniture as many Aussies scramble to set up a system that allows them to work from home.

And that extends to standing desks as well.

The health benefits of electric standing desks are well-known, with many offices replacing traditional desks with desks that can easily alternate between sitting and standing positions.

It’s no surprise that many office workers who’ve seen these benefits first-hand are looking to bring them home as they try to weather the current global crisis.

Explore the Edesk specifications and order online now!

Ergomotion still has plenty of electric standing desks in Melbourne

So you’ve gone from store to store and you can’t find any standing desks in stock, no matter where you look.

Fortunately, there’s still one place in Melbourne that’s still fully stocked!

Ergomotion’s Edesk electric standing desks are still in stock and ready to be picked up from our headquarters in Bentleigh East (or delivered if you live further afield, or don’t feel comfortable going out).

And unlike our motiondesk® range, that is custom-made to order, our Edesk is ready to go right now!

We can deliver home office desks fully assembled, minimising the disruption to your routine.

Work from home desks: how to make the most of it

For many Aussies, this will be their first time telecommuting. As such, there’ll no doubt be a period of adjustment.

So it’s your first time working from home for more than a day or two. What can you do to get the most out of your set-up?

1) Set aside a dedicated work area at home

Do you have a spare room that isn’t being used right now? Or a corner which is currently empty?

If so, consider turning this into your work space.

For starters, we may be working from home for the long-run, depending on how long the dust takes to settle.

As such, you’ll want to ensure that your working environment is comfortable.

The other, more important reason? It helps separate your private and work lives:

  • A separate room can reduce distractions
  • It can increase privacy from noisy kids or pets during meetings
  • It helps you keep work and home separate

One of the biggest problems with working from home is that it can lead to you actually working MORE and carrying work stress with you.

You might start to feel like you’re always mentally “on-call”, and don’t get an opportunity to detach yourself.

By assigning one specific area as your work room, you can create a psychological barrier.

electric standing desk melbourne

2) Keep your routine up

That means don’t turn into a slob!

When working from home, it’s tempting to skip your morning pre-work routine. 

It can feel liberating and save you a bunch of time – however, it can also hurt in the long-run!

Human beings are creatures of habit. In many cases, our pre-work routine is an essential part of mentally preparing ourselves for work.

Fail to keep it up, and your output could suffer!

If you want to maintain your performance, we recommend keeping your routine up.

That means:

Getting up at a similar time

You might think you can sleep an extra hour and simply make your way to your computer a few minutes before you clock on…

But we can almost guarantee you’ll feel sluggish and tired for the first portion of the day! 

Changing out of your pyjamas

Even if it’s more casual than what you’d normally wear to the office, try and get out of your pyjamas.

Doing your hair and grooming yourself

This can also save you in the case of unexpected video conferences!

All of this will help you get ‘in the zone’ and perform at your best.

Once the day is over, you can let down your hair and get back into your trackies – also helping you detach your workday from your private life in the evening. 

3) Make sure you’re properly set up

Two of the basic necessities of working at home are a PC and a fast internet connection.

Before you commit to working from home, you’ll need to ensure that both of these important criteria are met!

First thing’s first, you’ll want to make sure you can connect to any kind of server or intranet that your workplace uses.

Next up, ensure that your home PC has all the necessary software installed to do your work. If possible, upload as much of your work to cloud storage before heading home.

As this will be your main method of working from home, it’s crucial that you get it right!

4) Set boundaries

This is related to tip #1 – honestly though, it’s so important, we felt it deserved its own section!

Working at home may cause you to be overworked, especially if you allow yourself to take on extra work (or tell yourself you’ll work a little longer on the couch tonight…)

 That’s why you need to set up boundaries between work and your personal life. 

Setting up boundaries means knowing when to switch off and maintaining your normal contact hours.

However, it also means knowing not to let personal matters get in the way of work. That means no personal chores between 9am and 5pm.

Electric sit stand desk for home office5) Prioritise your health with an electric standing desk!

We’re all worried about our health at the moment. Many are taking emergency precautions, like wearing a mask in public or doubling our (now fortnightly) grocery shop.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you can neglect the other parts of your health!

As we all know, sitting still for 8-9 hours a day dramatically increases your risk of health conditions such as heart disease.

As we’ve mentioned time and again (and which we’re sure you already know, since you’re on our website), standing desks offer a remedy that can:

  • Preventing back and neck pain
  • Lessen the risk of obesity and weight gain
  • Boosts your energy and improve your mood
  • Lower blood sugar levels and type 2 diabetes

With an electric sit-stand desk, you can freely switch between sitting and standing throughout the day with little more than the push of a button.

Our new Edesk takes this even further, with optional bluetooth control that allows you to set your electric sit-stand desk using an app on your phone!

Stand up for your health in more ways than one with Ergomotion’s electric standing desk!

Looking to buy an electric standing desk in Melbourne? You’re in luck – we still have stock!

With 1500x750mm of desk area as well as 650mm of adjustment and a lifting capacity of 100kg, our Edesk range is the perfect fit for Australian home workers.

Made with quality European motors and frames, as well as high-tech additions, our Edesk is just what you need to ride out the storm in your new home office.

View the Edesk, explore its specifications, and order online now!

Be sure to move quickly – while we still have stock, it’s selling fast!

Google Reviews


Google Reviews

Jill 24/07/21

Great service, fantastic desk, making life so much easier. Thanks Guy.

Charles Anthony 20/07/21

Absolutely amazing products and service. The build quality and finish of the desks more than justify the cost, while Guy's service and communication are icing on the cake. I did a heap of shopping around before buying and am so glad I went with Ergomotion for my home-office.

Bahriddin Abdiev 12/07/21

One of my colleagues recommended this company and I bought eDesk with basic configurations except the desktop size (Elegant Oak 1500x750) before the end of financial year so I am using it for about 20 days. Overall experience is so far pretty good. Pros: + Solid timber frame and good quality top + Support via phone was great and honest. Guy suggested to go basic config when I asked his recommendation although he could try to sell me more expensive extras. + Assembling is super simple and took me less than an hour. + Guy emailed me yesterday asking if I am able to write review here. In exchange he offered... NOTHING. And that's right. Great products shouldn't need bribery IMHO. Concerns (not a con): - You can find similar products which costs less in OfficeWorks and other retailers. However as I was not sure about their quality, I chose this one.

Amal Sasi 17/07/21

I was looking for an standing desk for my wife as she works from home most of the time, that's when we came across ergomotion. Guy was extremely helpful and walked us through the different products that he offered. The desk that we purchased has a great built quality and served the purpose. We will definitely recommend ergomotion and it's a good investment in a long term.

Max Finkel 12/07/21

Very pleased with my desk and customer experience. Guy was very helpful and a pleasure to deal with. Would recommend.

All the Right Moves 09/07/21

Guy from Ergomotion was a pleasure to deal with. I had a table made of 150 year old floorboards and wanted to keep it but being over 3 meters and very heavy most sit / standing desk businesses could not accommodate as was too difficult for them, or the price was not justifiable. When the frame arrived the quality was top notch and exceeded my very fussy expectations. Then Guy helped me program the automatic height settings and now I am crazy happy. I truly believe the workforce will be continuing to go in the direction of sit stand desks. Picture attached at standing height.

Katie Jamieson 08/07/21

Fantastic service and Guy was super helpful. Desk is easy to use and great quality. I would definitely buy from Ergomotion again.

Debbie Dorfan 04/07/21

Really pleased with my purchase. Received my desk 2 days after ordering it. Set up was simple as Guy ensured everything was aligned correctly. Aesthetically it looks great & is so easy to use that it is effortless to switch between sitting & standing. Fantastic service & product that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend

Anjul Khera 02/07/21

I was looking for a standing desk that was sturdy and didn’t make a lot of motorised noise when moving the table. Came across Ergomotion via google reviews and I’m glad I bought it from Guy at Ergomotion. It has been a week of using the table and I am loving it. Guy is super kind and accommodating. I ended up making a change at the very last minute and Guy was helpful in understanding my need for raising the request and helping me with a custom table size of 1200. Really happy with the purchase. And the icing on the cake is the table comes fully assembled.

Adam Deutsch 03/06/21

Guy was incredibly helpful, patiently explaining to me all the sit/stand desk options available and advising which one would be best suited to my needs. This took a lot of stress out of the purchasing decision. In addition his post sale customer service is excellent! I am incredibly happy with the sit/stand desk and monitor arms. Thanks Guy for all your help. Work from home is now alot more enjoyable:)