Discover the benefits of ergonomic office furniture in your workplace!

The benefits of ergonomic office furniture greatly outweigh the initial cost of installing ergonomic furniture, like electric height adjustable desks. Lower back pain is second only to upper respiratory infections as a leading cause of absence from work. In studies, productivity increases have ranged from 5% to 50%, and in today’s competitive market ergonomics can play a vital role in giving your company the edge.

Work related injury costs

Musculoskeletal disorders cost the nation (USA) up to $50 billion a year. Employers pay between $15-$18 billion in workers’ compensation costs alone. Being proactive, rather than reactive to any potential claims can significantly reduce your companies costs in the long run.

Benefits of ergonomic office furniture principles can result in:

– Increased productivity
– Decreased lost time at work
– Increased quality
– Decreased absenteeism
– Improved employee retention, thus reducing training costs
– Improved health and safety
– Increased job satisfaction and morale

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