Ergonomic Office Chair

Improve posture and ease back, shoulder, and pelvic pain with an ergonomic office chair.

Ease the strain of lower back pain with a ergonomic chair that provides support and comfort throughout the workday.

Ergomotion provides ergonomic chairs for offices, conference rooms, home offices, or any other corporate setting.


Why ergonomic office chairs?

Most work related injuries in an office environment are caused by poor posture or a poor sitting position.

Ergonomic office chairs provide a comfortable working position for employees. They’re essential in reducing work-related injuries and increasing the productivity of staff.

Ergonomic chairs can help to reduce injuries like wrist, shoulder and neck strains, and also protect and support the back with effective lumbar support.

Ergonomic office chairs and standing desks

Combining ergonomic office chairs with height adjustable desks and encouraging employees to take micro breaks has shown to greatly increase employee productivity and reduce injuries.

We stress that the benefit to standing desks lies with frequent intervals of switching between both sitting and standing throughout the workday.

While it might take some getting used to, we find that all of our customers make an easy transition into standing, and quickly strike the perfect balance between standing and sitting during their day.

Positive outcomes include improved productivity and concentration, while back, leg, neck, and hip pain decreases!

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Benefits of ergonomic chairs


Adjustable settings ensure your employees can customise the height and angle of the chair to suit their specific requirements.



Improve productivity while reducing the strain of back, neck, shoulder, and pelvic pain with a comfortable office chair.


Durable, Australian-made chairs designed and built with quality, resilience, and longevity in mind.


Improve posture

Sitting in an ergonomic chair will help you improve your posture through correct lumbar and pelvic support, easing strain on your hips

Choosing the right ergonomic office chair

We provide a range of ergonomic office chairs in Melbourne.

In an ergonomic workplace, our office seating can help boost productivity while simultaneously reduce the risks of injuries. We can gladly assist you with a solution to suit your needs.

Some office chairs have more ergonomic functions than others, some chairs have fabric, leather or mesh, and may be available to suit different body weights and shapes and personal preferences. There is no one office chair that will suit everyone.

Some considerations to make:


Taller people will require a larger seat to accommodate for a longer torso or legs.

A height adjustable chair allows the user to reach the ideal sitting position: with both feet flat on the floor. If your legs are dangling, you need to lower your chair!

Range of motion

Choose an office chair that allows height and back tilt flexibility, allowing users to modify the chair to their exact height and comfort preferences.

Adjustable arms are also good for those who use a computer keyboard and mouse for the duration of their workday.


Choose a durable, breathable material that offers the utmost comfort, day after day.

Cushioning should offer a combination of comfort, support, pressure management, and sitting stability.  

Lumbar support

A good office chair will provide lumbar support for the lower back.

This is usually a protruding cushioning in the chair that sits comfortably in the inwards curve of the lower back, helping to support the spine, and keep it in a neutral position.

Ergonomic office furniture - ergonomic chair

Ergonomic office chairs

The only thing worse than sitting all day in the office?

Sitting in a bad chair!

When we say a “bad” chair, we mean one that has not been designed specifically with ergonomics, health, and safety in mind. That is, a chair that offers little support and contributes to pain including lower back, glute, and hip pain.

Ergomotion provides a range of high quality Australian made ergonomic office chairs, which are manufactured to Australian standard AS/AZS 4438:1997.

Ergomotion’s range of ergonomic office chairs use the best quality materials, design, and manufacturing processes to ensure they meet and exceed the requirements of all users, both functionally and aesthetically.

The chairs provide vital lower lumbar back support and provide a comfortable ergonomic sitting position.

Buy with confidence: our chairs come with a five-year warranty on workmanship and material.

Ergomotion can also provide task and executive chairs which have been tested by Afridi to the bluetick program and accredited to Australian standards.


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