The benefits of standing desks for Melbourne call centres

standing desks in Melbourne

The benefits of standing desks for Melbourne call centres

As the leading manufacturer of standing desks in Melbourne, Ergomotion has worked with all sorts of offices, workplaces, and corporate environments.

We’ve helped businesses of all stripes to:

  • Protect employee health
  • Create a more alert and attentive team
  • Increase productivity

Ergomotion standing desks can be found in many workplaces around Australia – and that includes call centres.

Today, we’ll be explaining why standing desks are such a perfect fit for call centres specifically, and how your call centre stands to benefit from standing up for health!

Do call centres really need standing desks?

The results are in!

The studies have been done and they show that without question, standing desks promote healthier work environments. 

They reduce the risk of varicose veins, muscle pain, bad posture and even sore feet.

Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself. Here are some startling headlines making news over the past couple of years:

Still not sure you believe in the standing desk? Read more studies that support the need for sit stand desks here.

1) Call centre employees don’t move from their desk very often

And that’s a major problem – did you know that sedentary behaviour has been directly linked to a whole host of different health conditions?

It’s a long list, but some of them include:

Call centre agents in particular don’t get a lot of time to move around.

And unlike other office workers, the flood of calls never ends, often keeping call centre workers chained to their desks for the whole day.

This is the main benefit that standing desks offer to call centres.

By allowing workers to move around as they work, standing desks can create a healthier working environment.

Of course, it can be just as bad to stand up all day!

There is a lot of evidence to suggest it’s just as bad to sit down for extended periods of time as it is to stand up for the same amount of time. The solution? Alternating between the two throughout the day.

Luckily, Ergomotion’s electric sit-stand desks can be adjusted between sitting and standing modes with the press of a button.

All it takes is a couple of seconds – even the busiest call centre agent can squeeze that in between calls!

Click here to learn more about making the transition from sitting to standing.

2) How standing makes you more productive

As a call centre manager, no doubt one of your biggest focuses is on metrics, data and KPIs. 

The key to that? Productive call centre agents who are motivated and energised to succeed!

You put in place incentives and rewards to promote performance. However, there’s another thing you can do to pump up your numbers: refit your call centre with standing desks.

Take it from us, call centres can have a powerful effect on one’s focus and attention span.

You’ve probably felt your eyelids getting heavy after long periods at your desk from time to time.

You’ve probably also noticed that the moment you get up at the end of the day, all of that tiredness seemingly vanishes, and you’re reinvigorated – just in time to go home!

That’s the power of standing right there.

According to research, this is because standing gives your brain an extra kick. This directly translates into improved concentration and alertness.

And in many cases, that directly translates into improved performance!

With electric sit-stand desks throughout your call centre, you’ll have:

  • More alert call centre agents
  • Better KPIs and metrics
  • Better responses to your callers

standing desks

3) Standing desks can reduce stress

Call centres can be a stressful workplace, as anybody who has ever operated a phone line will tell you.

Both outbound and inbound call centre agents often have to worry about quotas, upselling, call times, KPIs and other metrics.

This can often generate stress.

Luckily, standing desks offer a solution.

While the research isn’t quite as far along as research into attentiveness and physical wellbeing (see above), there’s still some evidence suggesting that standing desks can reduce stress.

Many of us fidget and squirm as a form of stress relief. And most of us probably do it unconsciously.

Unfortunately, the traditional desk set-up doesn’t really allow for a lot of fidgeting and motion. 

However, a standing desk does, providing a small way of relieving your stress. Combine it with our Topo standing desk mats to unlock the full benefits of a standing desk.

Standing desks also reduce stress in roundabout ways too. It’s well known that sit-stand desks reduce physical side-effects. These pains and aches can add to your mental load, generating stress.

By reducing these physical effects, electric sit-stand desks can help you feel more energised, and less stressed.

Find out more about our standing desks in Melbourne

We’ve been manufacturing standing desks since 2005, well before the standing phenomenon took hold in offices all over the world! 

Our early adoption makes us one of the most established names in the standing desk market.

Marrying quality European motors with Australian workmanship, an eye towards ergonomics, and an individualised approach to each of our clients, we’ve helped businesses of all sorts stand up for their health.

Ergomotion produces a range of standard standing desks in Melbourne, including:

We can even integrate the motors and hydraulics themselves into a custom desk, tailored for your call centre, with built-in cable management trays, monitor arms and electrical sockets.

Find out how we can help your call centre – give us a ring today on (03) 9579 1454 or click here to get in touch with our ergonomics experts.