Discover Tips of Computer Ergonomics

Discover Tips of Computer Ergonomics

computer ergonomicsComputer ergonomics, the proper setup of the computer workstation for the height, size and work habits of the individual worker, may assist with the prevention of repetitive motion injuries often associated with poorly designed or executed computer ergonomics.

Essential to positive computer ergonomics is correct computer set up. Good computer ergonomics dictates that you should be able to see what you are doing easily. This includes having adequate amounts of light, preferably natural sunlight surrounding your workstation. An ergonomically designed computer workstation is one in which you can easily view your monitor without tilting your head up or down.

Additional computer ergonomics tips:

  • When using a keyboard, it is essential that its height is right to prevent to support the forearm and prevent excessive bending at the wrist. Finding that ideal desk and keyboard height may be easier with a height adjustable desk.
  • Be sure to use a mouse that is specifically designed for you. If you’re left-handed, use a left handed mouse.
  • Positive computer ergonomics often requires the use of a monitor arm. Monitor arms allow computer operators to adjust the placement of their computer screen to suit their needs

The tips above will assist you in developing positive computer ergonomics. Computer ergonomics, however, is just part of the greater discipline of office ergonomics, the study of ways in which to match an office workspace to the individual to enable increased comfort and maximized productivity. A logical offshoot of office ergonomics is ergonomic office furniture, which offers ready-made solutions enabling businesses to establish safe, comfortable and productive workplaces.