For Radiologists: Electric Height Adjustable Imaging Desks

For Radiologists: Electric Height Adjustable Imaging Desks

motiondesk d11 standing desk

motiondesk d11 standing desk

The Motiondesk™ 2-DL11 electric height adjustable desk, available from Ergomotion, was supplied to allow each individual Radiologist to adjust their desk from sitting to standing positions.


The hospital has introduced a new PACS and Voice Recognition System into Medical Imaging.

The impact has been more use of the mouse and hence more wrist and shoulder pain.

The hospital wanted height adjustable desks for their Radiologists as they were experiencing these injuries to work in static and awkward positions for long periods of time.

The Radiologists did not have their own desks, but instead used the Imaging room as a hot desk environment, where the doctors would use any desk available.

They were using static benches and found that the doctors were adjusting their bodies to suit the desktops, which would lead to sore joints and sometimes more serious injuries.

The Radiologists identified electric height adjustable desks as the ideal solution to cater for all the varying heights and postures of their doctors.

The electric height adjustable desks would allow them to be able to easily adjust their desk to suit themselves while sitting and also allow them to stand for part of the day.

The height of the monitors was also of concern as the monitors would need to vary in height depending on whether the doctor was sitting or standing. Monitors arms were needed to allow the monitors to be easily adjusted in height, tilt, pan and reach.

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