Home furnishing trends (including standing desks and TV lifts!)

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Home furnishing trends (including standing desks and TV lifts!)

Interior design trends come and go. One year might see a resurgence in hardwood, while another might see glass make a comeback.

One thing that never goes out of fashion however? Good ergonomics!

When deciding what furniture to use in your home or workplace, it’s important to choose furniture that not only looks good, but is also comfortable and safeguards your health.

Luckily for you, current trends are putting more and more emphasis on ergonomics – here are just a couple of trends that combine design aesthetic with healthy and safe ergonomics.

5 Home Furnishing Trends Combines Design Aesthetic

1) Choose space-saving furnishings

With Aussie homes shrinking, space is starting to become more and more important – ample room has become a luxury!

And despite moves towards open-plan offices, floor space is still at a premium for many workplaces.

As such, furniture designers are increasingly looking for ways to save room.

One current trend in home and office furnishings that’s taking off are TV lifts.

These innovative space-saving inventions enable your plasmas, LCDs, LEDs, and monitors “pop up” or “pop-down” when not in use.

This can save considerable amounts of space to be used for other purposes when you aren’t watching your favourite television show or engrossed in the latest blockbuster movie.

Not to mention, they offer a range of other benefits too!

For example, TV lifts protect your screen from damage when not in use, as well as UV damage (some LCD screens are very sensitive to strong sunlight).

Finally, for certain businesses, the slick sci-fi aesthetic they offer can help “wow” potential customers and business partners! Best of all, your conference room has a ton more purposes when the television or plasma screen isn’t constantly taking up half the table.


2) Furniture tailored for you

One size doesn’t fit all – this is something that more and more furniture designers are finally starting to take on board!

Adjustability doesn’t just matter from a comfort standpoint either (though that’s certainly important) – it also plays a role in ergonomics and health.

For example, an electric standing desk can be adjusted for use standing and seated. This allows you to adjust your desk to your own, exact specifications and level of comfort that matches your height.

Not only that, but electric standing desks also allow you to alternate between sitting and standing while working in your home office.

This opens the door to many potential health benefits, and can help you avoid common issues that come with a sedentary lifestyle.


3) High-tech furniture

We have smart TVs, electric cars and smartphones… it was only a matter of time before our furniture started incorporating cutting-edge technology too!

In the old days, adjusting a sit-stand desk was a major pain in the neck. You’d have to fiddle with knobs and levers until you got your desk at the perfect height.Thankfully, it’s much easier nowadays (which is probably why they’re starting to take off!)

Electric standing desks can be adjusted with the push of a button. You’ll be able to switch between sitting and standing with ease, in just a few seconds.


Not to mention, you’ll also be able to “save” a set height, meaning you won’t ever have to worry about missing that “sweet spot” ever again.

Modern Room Witn Home Theater 3d Rendering

4) Minimalism

The future is minimalist – simple as that.

Modern design focuses on sleekness and seamless designs. That means minimising clutter and creating smooth surfaces.

So it’s no wonder TV lifts are starting to take off!

Like we mentioned above, TV lifts hide screens when they aren’t in use, leaving a smooth and seamless cabinet or desk behind.

However, these aren’t the only recent furniture innovations designed with minimalism in mind!

In workplaces, CPU holders are becoming more and more popular.

Think about how much space a desktop PC takes up. That’s a lot of room that could be used for other office equipment, or simply left clear.

By securely storing the CPU tower underneath the desk, CPU holders save space and contribute to a seamless, minimalist office desk.


5) Furniture that protects your health and safety

We live increasingly sedentary lives. Unfortunately, that comes with a range of potential health problems:

  • Poor circulation
  • Increased pressure on the spine
  • Higher glucose, insulin and blood fat
  • Higher chance of heart disease

Thankfully, designers are starting to realise how health-conscious we’re becoming, and are designing ergonomic furniture to protect you from these problems.

According to medical professionals, alternating between sitting and standing is the secret to avoiding the downsides of sitting for long periods and of standing for too long.

In response to this, electric standing desks are hitting the market in larger numbers.

Another issue is monitor height. Ideally, your eyes should be level with the upper half of your screen. You should not be, by default, craning your neck down to view your screen. One way to address this seemingly small problem (that can result in neck, shoulder, and back pain) is a desk platform, like Ergomotion’s Microdesk.

All these and more are just some of the ways furniture is catching up to modern trends!


Don’t get left behind: choose furniture that combines design and ergonomics

Want your home furniture to reflect the latest trends?

If so, you’ll want to contact Ergomotion!

We offer a range of modern furniture and accessories, including TV lifts and sit-stand desks. They’ll keep your home, home office, or workplace at the forefront of design and trends

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Want to learn more? Contact Ergomotion on (03) 9579 1454 or fill in this form and we will be in touch.

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