How a TV lift cabinet can improve your home theatre

TV lift cabinet

How a TV lift cabinet can improve your home theatre

You’ve probably noticed that the TV lift cabinet has become increasingly popular. 

You see them everywhere you go these days. In homes, corporate offices and even in schools.

The most popular place is in a home theatre though. 

Why is everyone so excited about pop up TV cabinets though?

We know what you’re wondering –  do you need one?

Well let us ask you this – do you want to protect your TV from damage and theft and improve the aesthetics of your lounge room?

That’s exactly what a TV lift cabinet is for!

They’re so convenient and they can completely transform the functionality of a room.

Let us explain. 

A TV lift cabinet will encourage quality time

After a long day, it’s very easy to come home, take the weight off your feet it and turn on the TV.

Let’s face it – we’re all guilty of it. There’s nothing wrong with it either –  sometimes we just need to relax after a hard day at work. 

That TV in the centre of your living room has become the focal point of many homes: without even thinking, we reach for the remote as soon as we sit down.

Our brain associates our lounge room with watching TV and so we turn on the telly without even thinking. 

That’s okay –  after all, everyone has the shows they love to binge watch. 

Whether it’s Game of Thrones or Family Guy –  sometimes you just need to zone out of the real world for a little while. 

Until it gets to 9pm and you realise nobody has eaten dinner and you haven’t exactly shared more than a few words with your family since you all got home. 

A TV lift cabinet will put the focus back on the people around you. 

You can still come home, put your feet up and relax –  but with one of our pop up TV cabinets you won’t subconsciously turn on the TV.

With the television concealed within its cabinet, you’ll be inclined to spend time with your family and get more done around the home.

Our brains may like to play funny tricks on us… but we can always retake control!

pop up TV cabinet

A TV lift cabinet improves your home’s aesthetics

There are so many homes that use the TV as the focal point of their living room. 

Now, we know when the TV is on it serves a very important purpose. It tells us what’s happening in the world (and it also distracts us from what’s happening in the world!)

It makes us laugh, it makes us cry, and it’s an all-round great source of entertainment. 

When the TV is turned off though –  it’s just a black box sitting in the middle of your room. 

It doesn’t look very nice at all. So, why would you want it to be the focal point of your room? 

Answer: you wouldn’t.

By using a pop up TV cabinet you can hide the TV away when you’re not using it. 

You can place photos, vases of flowers, and other decorations on top of the cabinet when you’re not using the TV. 

This otherwise wasted space is now usable when your television is concealed! 

You can use it for almost anything: a drinks table when you have friends over, a board game table for Saturday night Scrabble…

You can operate a pop up TV cabinet with a remote

A lot of people who want to hide their TVs decide to put them in a cupboard. 

However this becomes a bit of a problem as the open doors can obstruct your vision depending on where you are sitting in the room. 

Whoever draws the short straw will have to bend and lean just to be able to see the TV screen. 

People will even end up sitting on the floor because it’s got a better view than the chair in the corner. 

It’s also a bit of an inconvenience when you have to get up to open the cupboard so you can watch TV. 

With a TV lift cabinet you can stay comfy in your armchair and raise your TV with a remote. 

Simply press the button and your TV will raise up out of your cabinet.

Buy the best TV lifts in Australia from Ergomotion

We are extremely proud to provide Australians with high quality pop up TV cabinets to meet a range of needs. 

Our TV lifts can be inserted into TV cabinets or wall units. They can even be custom fitted to a piece of furniture – just tell your carpenter or cabinet maker to get in touch with us! 

TV lifts improve the functionality of a room, protect your TV from damage and theft, and maximise the aesthetics. 

We provide three different kinds of TV lift cabinets to suit a range of screen sizes:

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