Motiondesk™ DL17 – Ergomotion’s new standing desk


Motiondesk™ DL17 – Ergomotion’s new standing desk

Ergomotion is excited to announce the release of a new standing desk – the Motiondesk™ 2&3 – DL17. It contains mostly similar features to the existing Motiondesk™ 2&3 – DL14 except that is has square legs instead of rounded legs. This adjustment was to accommodate the wishes of some customers who expressed preference of square legs over round.

motiondesk DL17A low starting height of 580mm and 660mm of adjustment means this desk is suitable for users of all heights, from children to tall adults.

The DL17 is Ergomotion’s first desk with square legs, instead of rounded.

The desk can be made as a straight desk or a corner workstation, so it really is adaptable for any work environment, be it the office or at home.

Standing desks give users the opportunity to freely switch between sitting and standing during their day with minimal disruption to their work. Manual sit stand desks can be quite awkward to adjust, and, at the end of the day, will probably not get used for their intended purpose – what a waste!

Quick, effortless, electronic adjustment is an encouraging factor to those who want to make the switch from sitting to standing.

The new Motiondesk™ 2&3 – DL17 boasts some impressive technological features:

Linak’s Zero™ Technology 

This technology is used across all Ergomotion electric standing desks. Because our desks are easily adjusted from sitting to standing height at just a push of a button, the motor needs to always be in standby mode, ready for quick and seamless adjustment.

standing desk
The Zero™ technology can reduce this standby power consumption of the motors to a maximum of 0.1 watts – an incredibly low outcome that is helping to pave the way for conscientious power saving technology.

The typical standby consumption is 1-2 watts, so Zero is proven to dramatically reduce this emission.
Linak’s Zero™ technology can reduce standby power dramatically.

Linak has pledged to take responsibility for the future and take appropriate measures to help to reduce carbon emissions today and in the future.

Do your bit to help reduce carbon emissions for a more sustainable future! Even a small change can make a big difference.

Linak’s Piezo™ Hardware

Linak’s Peizo™ hardware protects the new DL17 desk from obstructions and damage. Unobtrusive sensors can detect when the desk makes unwanted contact with an object, like a chair arm, filing cabinet or projector screen, and quickly retracts 25mm in the opposite direction.

The benefit of Linak’s anti-collision technology, integrated into Ergomotion’s DL14 and DL17 standing desks, means any pinch points are eliminated. This is particularly important for children using the desk, or even for those who have never used a height adjustable desk before.

The hardware is completely inconspicuous and does not affect the design or dimensions of the desk. It’s a quality solution that prevents damage in a timely, safe manner!

Informing others and sharing knowledge will help to change the way we view sedentary sitting. To discuss your desk needs, or to learn more about the right kind of height adjustable desk for you, contact an Ergomotion expert.