Office Desk Accessories from Ergomotion


Office Desk Accessories from Ergomotion

You’ve got your desk sorted, and your chair is adjusted. Next up are the accessories! These office desk accessories will complete your ergonomic workstation by creating a practical, functional, and visually appealing workspace.

A tidy workstation not only adheres to workplace health and safety practices like tripping hazards, but it is also a breath of fresh air from the eyesore that is a cluttered and messy work environment.

An organised desk is a sure-fire way to increase productivity at your workplace.


office desk accessories
Stop wasting valuable time trudging through piles of paperwork every time you need to find a new document! 

The following office desk accessories will ensure you’re operating to your full potential.

Secured Mobile Pedestal

A secured mobile pedestal is a useful accessory to clear up some desk space.

Office supplies like paper clips, spare notepads, invoices, mail and calculators are the kinds of tools you use occasionally, (unlike things you use much more frequently, like your mobile phone, diary, pen and notebook). These tools don’t always need to be in your immediate reach, so storing them in a mobile pedestal ensures they’re always nearby, but are not cramming your desk space.

A lockable pedestal means you can also safely secure your personal belongings.

Desk Organisers

Ongoing upkeep is one top trick that will help you to maintain a tidy desk space. Dedicate the last five minutes of every Friday afternoon to toss out unwanted papers, collect stray pens and highlighters and store them together, and neaten up piles of books and notepads.

Additionally, these accessories will help to keep your desk organised, while at the same time, adding some character and personality to your office.

Bills, bills, bills: Keep on top of all your regular payments with this cute bills organiser.


Express yourself: Select office accessories that are not only functional, but that look good, too! Personalise your space with your favourite colours or quirky tools.


Optimise desk space: A monitor arm lifts a computer screen off your desk, maximising space and allowing you to make the most out of your desk area. Additionally, a monitor arm allows you to achieve precise adjustment of your screen’s height and angle.


Adjustable Footrest

An adjustable footrest neatly stored under your desk can provide much needed relief and comfort.

Supporting the feet can help to reduce pressure on the back of the thighs, which in turn may help reduce the risk of circulatory conditions like blood clots. Supported feet also contributes to maintaining good posture, and lessens lower back issues.


Endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association, the Microdesk™ is fully adjustable, meaning you can correct its height whenever you require.

The Microdesk™ has been designed to eliminate twisting of the body when alternating between computer work and writing, protecting your spine, neck and shoulders.

Ergomotion provides three sizes of the Microdesk™:
•    Regular Microdesk™ for standard desks
•    Step Microdesk™, particularly useful on keyboard trays
•    Compact Microdesk™ for laptops and confined work spaces.