How small businesses use standing desks in Melbourne

standing desks in Melbourne

How small businesses use standing desks in Melbourne

When you think of standing desks, what do you think of?

Odds are your thoughts gravitate towards large, trendy open-plan offices, probably in a tower in the CBD and likely run by an up-and-coming tech startup.

As such, many small business owners don’t really think about integrating standing desks into their workplaces, wrongly assuming that their business isn’t big enough, or simply isn’t suited to, a modern, standing lifestyle. 

However, these large companies aren’t the only businesses that can benefit from standing desks – small businesses can benefit as well!

At Ergomotion, we design and manufacture standing desks in Melbourne for a variety of workplaces both large and small.

And that includes many small businesses!

Small businesses can use standing desks in Melbourne to…

Increase productivity

It doesn’t matter how large (or small) your business is, or what sector you operate in – a high-performing team is essential.

Here’s something you may not have known, however: did you know that standing desks can have a direct impact on performance?

Put yourself in your team’s shoes – literally!

Prolonged sitting doesn’t make you feel alert – rather, it leaves you feeling sleepy and sluggish. It makes your back, legs, and shoulders ache. Not to mention, it isn’t great for your motivation either.

Your staff are no different, sitting still for 6 to 8 hours a day.

Luckily, our standing desks in Melbourne provide a solution.

Everyone knows that it’s harder to fall asleep while you’re standing. That’s because the act of standing sends a signal to the brain that the body needs to move – as a result, the brain becomes more active and more engaged.

And with the brain kicked into a higher gear, your team will be:

  • More alert
  • Less easily distracted
  • Quicker to respond

And all of that leads to a more effective team!

Isn’t it amazing how powerful something as simple as standing up can be? The human brain truly is an amazing machine!

Improve teamwork

Teamwork is important in any business – especially small ones.

Since you have a smaller staff roster, your staff will be called upon to work together much more regularly than in many larger businesses.

Not to mention, a smaller team means that you can’t afford a work environment where staff are struggling to cooperate.

How can you get your team to, well, work together? With sit-stand desks, that’s how!

According to some research, standing desks foster a more collaborative atmosphere – specifically, standing desks foster a sense of community and reduce competitiveness within the workplace.

Create healthier workspaces

More and more Aussies are leading sedentary lifestyles – and that’s bad.

Poor employee health doesn’t just affect their wellbeing – it also spills over into the workplace too, with issues such as absenteeism caused by musculoskeletal conditions, or impaired performance as a result of back and muscle pain.

Taking action to break free of sedentary habits – including the use of standing desks in the workplace – can help reduce muscle aches and pain.

In particular, standing desks allow staff move on their feet, fidget and readjust until they find a position that isn’t just comfortable, but which also minimises muscle pains and aches.

Not only will you be able to cut down on absenteeism, but by bringing sit-stand desks into your small business, you’ll also demonstrate your commitment to their health – something that can have an overwhelmingly positive impact on staff morale.

sit-stand desk

Integrating standing desks into your small business!

Unlike large offices, small businesses have several other considerations they need to look at when making big purchases like new office furniture:

  • Limited floor space
  • Smaller budgets
  • Fewer electrical sockets
  • Small teams

Luckily, there are solutions.

One of the inherent qualities of small businesses is that they have fewer people working for them – it’s in the name, after all.

When it comes to integrating standing desks into your business however, this is a good thing!

One suggestion is to purchase one or two standing desks to share, and allow staff to use it as needed.

With only one desk, you’ll be able to reduce costs while also saving space in the process – both of which are important considerations for small businesses like yours.

You may be thinking that this is a problem – after all, how are your staff supposed to get the benefits of a sit-stand desk if they can’t use it?

Simple: because standing all day can be just as damaging as sitting all day!

With a shared standing desk, not only are you able to reduce costs – you’re also inadvertently encouraging your staff to use their standing desks in the healthiest, most effective manner.

Don’t want to sort out a sit-stand desk roster? Our WorkFit standing desk platform allows you to turn a standard desk into a standing desk, too!

Custom standing desks in Melbourne for businesses of all sizes

At Ergomotion, we understand that no two workplaces are identical – that’s why we give clients the option of custom making standing desks to suit their exact needs!

Thanks to our range of platforms, we can create standing desks in a wide variety of sizes, height requirements, and even dimensions, such as corner desks.

What’s more, we can also integrate the rest of our range of ergonomic office furniture into your standing desk:

We can even integrate power sockets and partitioning walls if requested!

Invest in the health, productivity and retention of your staff while growing your small business. Standing desks hold the key!

Find out how our ergonomics experts can help you – give us a call today on (03) 9579 1454, or simply click here to get in touch online.