How a standing desk helps you enjoy an ideal workday

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How a standing desk helps you enjoy an ideal workday

What does your ideal workday look like?

For some, the ideal workday is one where you’re productive, and can get ahead on your backlog of work. 

For others, the ideal workday involves planning ahead for an upcoming busy period.

If you ask our ergonomic experts, the best way to spend your workday is by keeping your body active throughout the day with a standing desk!

Let’s just say that there’s a good reason we’re seeing more and more standing desks in Australian workplaces…

How a standing desk helps boost productivity so you can smash deadlines!

We figure most people would agree: the ideal workday is one where you truly feel productive; when you’re confidently ticking items off your to-do list. 

Many of us get a rush from smashing deadlines, or completing projects ahead of schedule. Now is the perfect opportunity to start planning for the rest of the week or month.

Good scheduling, planning and discipline are key to beating these deadlines.

However, they aren’t the only ways you can be extra productive – a standing desk can help!

A standing desk keeps you alert

We’ve all had those moments during a typical workday where we feel our eyelids getting a bit heavy, or we notice our focus starts to drift.

As any desk worker knows, it’s that 3 o’clock slump that can really put a dent in your productivity.

Thankfully, a standing desk can help you keep you focused on the task at hand, getting you one step closer to finishing that to-do item.

That’s because constantly switching between sitting and standing keeps your brain active and alert.

You’ve probably noticed it yourself – you yawn less while you’re on your feet, but the moment you sit down…

Essentially, staying on your feet adds to your mental load. Your brain has to handle and process more things.

Even subconscious brain activity like maintaining balance or your footing requires extra work on the part of your brain. It isn’t an excessive level of extra stress, but just enough to “kick-start” your brain.

To deal with it, the brain uses up more of its power, which has the side-effect of improving your attention.

It should go without saying that this can have a considerable impact on your ability to power through “3:30-itis” and smash your deadlines!

Standing Desks in Australia

Does your ideal day involve interacting with workmates? If so, standing desks are for you!

Some of us are the type of people who thrive when working with others. For these workers, the ideal workday is one where they get to interact with others and collaborate.

Luckily for you, electric sit-stand desks allow you to do just that.

Some studies suggest that standing desks improve group work, and help create a positive group dynamic. Standing and moving around brings out our collaborative nature that’s hard to ignore.

So get up off your feet, keep your brain active, and enjoy working with teammates on the latest strategy or analysing key numbers together! 

Not only does this help improve your decision-making and work process, but it also makes working with colleagues more pleasant, which is great news for those people who love working with others.

The best way to spend your workday is on your feet

We’re a health-obsessed nation. More of us are going to the gym than ever, and we’re dusting off our runners in increasingly large numbers.

However, according to some, it’s so-called “incidental exercise” that has the greatest impact on our health!

Basically, incidental exercise refers to all the little bursts of physical activity that happen throughout the day:

  • Walking to and from the train station
  • Visiting colleagues in-person rather than chatting via the computer or phone
  • Moving around the office, to the bathrooms, and the staff kitchen
  • Walking down to the cafe for your daily pick-me-up

According to some researchers, incidental exercise throughout the week can be just as effective as your weekly visit to the gym.

And one of the best forms of incidental exercise is standing!

The secret is alternating between sitting and standing

Sitting down and being inactive all day is terrible for your health – however, staying on your feet all day comes with its own problems.

The solution? Alternating between the two!

Doing so allows you to keep your muscles activated throughout the day, while also avoiding some of the musculoskeletal problems that can come with extended standing.

With an electric sit-stand desk, you can easily change between these two modes with the push of a button.

Your standing desk will save your preferred height settings, saving you the task of manually changing heights until you reach the “sweet spot”.

How standing desks improve your long-term health

Height adjustable standing desks don’t just have psychological benefits – they also have several long-term physical ones too.

Sedentary behaviour is linked to a range of different long-term health conditions, some of which include:

  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Lower back pain

By spending chunks of your day standing, you can avoid these long-term health problems.

Explore Ergomotion’s standing desks in Australia

Everybody has a different idea of what makes the perfect workday.

These are just some of the ways an electric standing desk can help you achieve your idea of a good workday!

Ergomotion manufactures standing desks in Australia, for businesses both large and small. 

From corporates and Government teams to boutique agencies and home offices, our standing desks are making their way into workplaces all over the country.

We can also custom-make your desk so you get a standing desk that meets your exact requirements, including office configurations (for example, a corner desk) and your height.

Stand up for your health today! Explore our range of standing desks here.

Got questions? Contact Ergomotion on (03) 9579 1454 or fill in our online form for answers to your questions.

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Installation was a breeze - Guy did a fantastic job !!

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