How are standing desks used in the healthcare and medical industry?

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How are standing desks used in the healthcare and medical industry?

As a member of the medical and healthcare industry, your duty is to look after the health of those in your care.

And as the saying goes, one can’t give what they don’t have. Therefore, it can be a challenge to provide high-quality healthcare if you’re unable to look after your own health in the meantime!

Staying healthy and strong is essential to your survival in the challenging and high-pressure medical field.

And one lesser-known tool for your health that you might not have thought of otherwise? Standing desks for healthcare providers!

Custom standing desks

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The health benefits of standing desks in the healthcare industry

Improved posture and comfort

Many physicians, radiologists, and sonographers aren’t that much different from your typical office worker. Namely, most of them spend countless hours seated in front of their monitors and scanners.

Just like office work, this can lead to neck, lower back, and shoulder pain. For example, slouching and inactivity can cause tension and muscle fatigue,  potentially leading to poor posture.

And as we’re sure you’re aware, poor posture affects plenty of other aspects of your health and comfort.

Standing desks alleviate the pain caused by prolonged sitting and protect your posture.

This is because standing forces you to adopt a better, more natural posture. Additionally, it also puts less pressure on your spine, thus resulting in a better spine alignment.


Stop your leg muscles from “going soft”

When it comes to your muscles, it really is a case of “use it or lose it!”

Unless your leg muscles are kept active throughout the day, it’s easy for them to grow weak and therefore more prone to injury and pain.

According to some research, going to the gym or jogging after work doesn’t have that much influence either.

So what’s the secret? We’ll tell you: incidental exercise.

These are small movements that accumulate throughout the day, such as walking between storeys or making the mad dash to catch the last train.

According to some, it’s these little things that have the biggest impact in fighting back the negative consequences of a sedentary lifestyle. By keeping you on your feet, that’s exactly what standing desks bring to the table (quite literally!)

Improved blood circulation

Seated positions have the potential to constrict your blood vessels and circulation. This can lead to a range of different health conditions, namely blood clots.

In particular, Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) is a common consequence of sitting for too long.

This is a condition characterised by blood clots in the inner levels of veins, and commonly results in leg pain and swelling.

By forcing you to stay on your feet, standing desks help healthcare workers avoid clots. When you stand, your blood vessels are less constricted, encouraging circulation.

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Standing desks keep an alert and more productive workplace

While looking after your health is the main draw of standing desks for healthcare providers, by no means are they the only advantages – they can also improve your concentration and job performance!

Working long shifts are considered relatively normal for many healthcare workers.

The problem with working that long however is that in many times, your concentration and focus may end up slipping. This in turn can lead to negative health outcomes for those in your care.

The best way to avoid this is to try to schedule your shifts in a manner that leaves you adequate rest time between.

Failing that however, standing desks for healthcare might be able to help!

One best way to remain active and alert during your shift is by using standing desks. Like we mentioned above, alternating between sitting and standing improves blood circulation.

This keeps blood flowing to your brain, keeping your mind fresh, focused and more productive throughout your day.

Customised ergonomic solutions for your requirements

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Different healthcare professionals perform different tasks.

No matter what your specialisation is however, it’s crucial that you have an ergonomic workspace that’s tailored for your unique requirements.

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Each of these allow you to create a more ergonomic, healthier workplace… and by extension, provide better healthcare!

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