How standing desks in Melbourne are used in medical clinics

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How standing desks in Melbourne are used in medical clinics

As a manufacturer of quality standing desks in Melbourne, we’ve worked with many different businesses to help create healthier and more ergonomic workplaces.

Our standing desks furnish many offices across a range of different industries.

If you ask us, standing desks are a boon to any workplace where work needs to be done at a desk.

And that includes providing standing desks for healthcare providers and medical facilities.

Just like doctors, we stand up for health. And not just the patients either – we stand up for the health of professionals too!

There are a lot of professional medical roles that require people to sit down for long periods of time. Just like any other job that involves extended periods of sitting, this can lead to negative health consequences.

So it’s no wonder that standing desks are being introduced into medical workplaces all across Australia!

The benefits of using standing desks in medical clinics

You know what they say about the cobbler’s children not having any shoes.

Unfortunately, many healthcare workers find themselves in a similar situation!

One of the biggest problems plaguing healthcare workers are complications and pains arising from sedentary behaviour.

There are a wide range of negative outcomes of spending too much of your time seated or otherwise inactive.

There are also a lot of health benefits to using a standing desk, backed up by research and scientific evidence.

As a medical professional, there’s a good chance you’ve read some of the research yourself!

The most commonly known benefit is an improvement in posture. When you stand up from a sitting position the pressure on your spine is alleviated.

Prolonged sitting (as well as poor seated posture) compress muscles and can squeeze blood vessels, reducing blood supply.

Sitting down all day can also lead to muscle atrophy which weakens the muscles. This makes people more prone to injury and pain.

Long-term, work in a sitting position also result in back pain, muscle tenderness, and aches. 

In fact, reports of varicose veins, stiff necks, and numbness in the legs are far more common among seated employees than among those doing heavier tasks.

According to some research, there’s also a strong link to conditions such as heart disease.

By avoiding sedentary behaviour altogether with a standing desk (and therefore, avoiding many of these conditions), medical professionals will enjoy improved health, too.

Not to mention, you won’t have to worry about your waistline as much.

And that in turn directly translates to a lower chance of musculoskeletal pain and other health problems, which allows you to focus all of your attention on your patients!

How healthcare workers benefit from standing desks

We know that healthcare and medical institutions usually conjure up images of doctors and nurses walking down halls and attending to patients at their bedside.

However, not all healthcare roles are quite so active. We often forget that many healthcare professionals spend a large portion of their day sitting down.

Whether it’s doing paperwork or simply because it’s a role that doesn’t involve a lot of walking from place to place, there are a lot of roles in the medical industry that leave practitioners sitting behind desks or examination rooms for long stretches of time. 

It is incredibly important for these professionals to be comfortable and retain healthy lifestyles at work.

This allows them to offer the highest quality healthcare by focusing on their patients, and not their own pain or discomfort!

How our standing desks in Melbourne help radiologists

As a radiologist, you’ll spend much of your day at a desk examining MRI scans to determine whether your patients are suffering from any issues.

The time radiologists spend sitting at their desks going over these scans can result in bad posture as well as back, shoulder, and neck pain. Not to mention, it also means that most of your day is spent sitting.

It’s little wonder that many radiologists report experiencing musculoskeletal pain!

A standing desks allows them to alternate between standing and sitting throughout the day at just the push of a button.

Ergomotion’s standing desks in Melbourne can be adjusted by individuals to choose their ideal height setting, for both sitting and standing positions.

What’s more, you can save different heights, allowing multiple users to create a standing desk environment that best suits their height and meets their exact needs.

Sonographers, stand up for your health!

Sonographers are required to operate medical imaging software such as ultrasounds, and to help analyse these images. Just like radiologists, sonographers spend most of a typical day seated poring over ultrasound examinations – often at a desk.

As such, the typical day often includes long periods of time spent sitting down.

Long stretches of sedentary behaviour can in turn lead to a whole host of long-term health complications (more on that below).

The best way to avoid it is to avoid sedentary behaviour, and to stay active throughout the day.

Standing desks allow sonographers to do just that by giving you the freedom to frequently alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day. 

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Standing desks for physicians

GPs and physicians have the incredibly important role of diagnosing and treating a patient’s illness or injury.

You’re the first point of contact when it comes to medical issues, and provide a wide range of routine services ranging from immunisation, examinations, and other tests.

Unlike the old days when physicians and GPs would see most of their patients in house calls, today you’ll spend most of your time at a clinic, with patients coming to you.

While it has certainly made it easier to deal with the increasing demand for GP services, it also means that physicians spend a lot more time sitting at their desks in consultation rooms than in the past

Avoid the negative health consequences that come with a sedentary lifestyle by replacing the desk in your consultation rooms with electric standing desks.

Medical administration

As any medical professional knows, working in healthcare generates a lot of administrative tasks and paperwork:

  • Medicare forms
  • Health insurance
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Ordering medication
  • Communicating with specialists
  • Patient communication

All of this work necessitates a large admin team to ensure that your clinic or hospital runs smoothly and that patients enjoy a seamless healthcare experience.

This admin team needs to be kept healthy, and protected from the consequences of sedentary work.

The solution? Our standing desks in Melbourne!

Get the best standing desks in Melbourne from Ergomotion

At Ergomotion we are passionate about health – just like you!

The difference is in approach – our focus is preventative.

By building healthier workplaces with our electric standing desks, we can help workers whose day-to-day involves a lot of sitting.

And in many cases, that includes medical professionals just like you.

Our goal is to ensure standing desks become commonplace in a variety of working environments, from offices to medical clinics and small business to corporate companies.

Explore our standing desks, each custom made to suit your height and office layout or configurations. 

Our designs are stable, safe and require no maintenance. 

In fact, we are so proud of the quality of our standing desks that we offer a 10-year warranty!

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We design and manufacture our standing desks in Melbourne. We are also extremely proud to wear the Australian-made sticker.

If you’re looking for standing desks in Melbourne, look no further than Ergomotion. 

If you want to discuss the options for your medical clinic or health care centre, contact us on (03) 9579 1454, or click here to reach us online.