Discover how you can implement ergonomic furniture – including standing desks – in your office

Utilising modern ergonomic office furniture in today’s office is becoming increasingly cost effective and necessary to create a safe workplace where employees can work productively in a comfortable position. The goal of ergonomic office furniture is to achieve those interactions between the company and employee that will optimise productivity and preserve the safety and health of the workforce. Many recent studies have shown that companies that have invested in the implementation of ergonomic office furniture have prospered and seen substantial cost savings as well as increased staff morale.

Providing ergonomic office furniture to staff is a great start but employees also have to be fully educated in its proper use and the encouraged to move away from long periods of sitting or standing in one position. An optimum mix of sit-stand is required to reduce the risk of work related injuries associated with poor postures.


The most common pieces of ergonomic office furniture are electric height adjustable desks and ergonomic office chairs. Ergomotion has a large range of ergonomic office furniture that can be adapted and customised to suit your office environment.

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