Introducing our new Edesk electric standing desk

Electric sit stand standing desk for home office

Introducing our new Edesk electric standing desk

Ergomotion’s Motiondesk® range of electric sit-stand desks are renowned for all the right reasons.

In particular, we’re the choice of all sorts of businesses thanks to our ability to custom design and build standing desks for your needs. No wonder our standing desks are such a common sight in Australian workplaces!

But what if you only want a standing desk for yourself, for your home office?

Many individuals and home workers simply don’t need a large custom order; they just want a desk that works straight out of the box.

And that’s where Ergomotion’s brand-new Edesk electric standing desks come in!

The perfect electric sit-stand desk for your home office

Power, comfort and versatility, all rolled into one

How powerful are we talking?

Up to 100kg worth lifting capacity, that’s what!

The Edesk is made up of strong steel framing, manufactured by Linak, a world leader in hydraulics and electric actuators.

What’s more, it can also support a height range of 620-1270mm (that’s 650mm of adjustment – plenty for the vast majority of people).

And as with all the electric sit-stand desks Ergomotion offers, the Edesk also provides whisper-quiet operation as well as stable lifting action, so you don’t need to worry about spilled coffee or falling computer equipment!

Edesk electric standing desk

Why choose an electric standing desk? 

Taking out the hand crank and making standing desks electric was a revolution in standing desk technology.

And we’ve gone a step further…

We’re extremely proud of all the high-tech features included with our Edesk, including anti-collision technology. Using in-built sensors, the Edesk detects obstacles and objects nearby that may impede it as it goes up or down.

This helps prevent damage, both to the desk and the surroundings. What’s more, it also reduces the likelihood of tipping if the desk gets caught on or obstructed by something.

Finally, it can also sync with your smartphone! You can choose this optional add-on to control your desk via Bluetooth. 

The Edesk helps you get the most out of your standing desk

As we’re sure you’re aware, the best way to get the most out of your standing desk is to alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day.

Ideally, that means:

The problem is remembering all of this, especially when you’re busy working on a project!

Electric sit-stand desk

Each Edesk comes with a desk panel app that will help you get the most out of your desk, reminding you to change your posture throughout the day with regular alerts to help you remember.

Choose Bluetooth control as an optional extra, and you’ll also be able to pair your desk with your smartphone when you install the desk control app!

Striking a balance between sitting and standing throughout the day offers a range of health benefits, including:

  • Lower risk of cardiovascular diseases
  • Increased weight loss
  • Burn more calories
  • Increase health and happiness
  • Boost productivity and focus

Upon using the Edesk with a desk panel app, you can track your calorie level, and you will be reminded once in a while to stand up and set a goal every time you do it. 

Ready-to-go right out of the box

We understand that you’re busy.

Every minute of your workday is important – even the handful of seconds it takes to hand-crank a standing desk (which is why all of our sit-stand desks are electric – see how the two compare here!)

The Edesk comes with the option of being shipped to you fully assembled.

All you need to do when it turns up is move it to where your current desk is and plug it in.

After that, you’re in business!

Electric height adjustable desk for home office

Enjoy a 3-year warranty

Whether you are buying electronic gadgets or equipment, we’re sure you’re always curious to know what kind of warranty protects you.

Your electric standing desk should be no different.

With Ergomotion’s Edesk, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that both your frame and electronics are covered by a 3-year warranty.

Get your Edesk customised

While our Edesk range isn’t made-to-order quite like our Motiondesk® series is, that doesn’t mean that you can’t customise them!

Each Edesk can be tailored to suit your home office, with your choice of optional extras including:

  • CPU holders
  • Cable management trays
  • Monitor arms

Looking for a totally custom standing desk design? Contact our team to ask how we can tweak our Motiondesk® range to fit your needs.

Stand up for your health with Ergomotion’s Edesk electric standing desk!

For too long, many people have had to settle for poorly-made, cheap standing desks for their home offices.

That ends now, with Ergomotion’s Edesk!

Designed for the needs of home offices, Edesk lets you bring the benefits of an electric sit-stand desk home with you.

If you want to improve your health while working, discover the Edesk. Explore all the specs, inclusions, and optional extras, and order online, here.

Got questions? Contact Ergomotion today on (03) 9579 1454 or fill in this form to get in touch.

Google Reviews


Google Reviews

Mark Cashmore 17/09/21

We needed a standup desk frame, Ergomotion was slightly more expensive than the alternative I was considering however they provided terrific service answering questions and providing some suggestions and assistance on a second item. Guy followed up to ensure everything was sorted and arranging pickup - exceptional service and the desk frame looks quality, it's certainly solid / heavy! (not assembled yet) .

Thai Nguyen 12/09/21

Started to get really bad back pain during Covid lockdown period and needed a solution quick. Had an informative discussion with the sales rep and then had an electronic sit stand desk delivers extremely quickly after. Great service and great product, the timber oak feels and looks great!

Kirti Dhingra 10/09/21

I bought a custom height adjustable desk from ErgoMotion. I researched several other providers and most of them didn't even respond to my queries. Guy from Ergo responded very quickly to every request and question. He delivered the exact ask and also followed through on Delivery and installation even though he is based in a different state. Highly Recommend Guy and Ergomotion for any home office needs

Rabinderpal Gill 09/09/21

The desk ordered was just what I wanted which was a customized size. It works like a charm and solid in structure. Guy was very helpful in helping me with the choice of the table. Highly recommended Aussie company and very professional. Thanks Guy!

Jane Browne 08/09/21

Super responsive and helpful - even on a Saturday! Didn't end up purchasing from these guys but wish I still had need as they were excellent!

Natasha Hertanto 29/08/21

best purchase I've made this year. had help choosing the table, super friendly and communicative staff. delivered within a few days. the table works perfect and makes me love my work space!! < 3

Carman Choke 27/08/21

Bought the Edesk sit/stand 1500mm table from Guy. Fantastic to deal with and extremely fast service. I picked up my desk the next day full-assembled at no extra cost. Would recommend the solid wood option as well.

Celina McAlister 20/08/21

Absolutely love my custom designed sit/stand desk and wished I'd got it earlier! Guy, couldn't have been more accommodating in helping me with the design changes I wanted for my desk, as well as personally installing it for me. That is what I call service. So If you are looking for the same, Ergomotion is definitely the place to go. Thank you Guy!

Monica Notarnicola 20/08/21

Beautiful and sturdy desk, the design is so minimal and sleek. I am so happy with my Ergomotion desk – it's such a game changer especially when you spend 8 hours a day working in front of one or multiple screens. Apart from the fantastic and smooth mechanism of setting the desk at your preferable height, it's also a wide and spacious desk where I can finally put everything I need to work with. Guy seems such a nice person and great to deal with. I would recommend this desk to anyone who works or study from home and it's tired of constant back pain due to sitting down all day!

Kunal Gokuldas 19/08/21

Ordered from Ergomotion a sit/stand desk. I had a couple of questions and was responded t straightaway, even though it was a Sunday. Guy came and installed the desk 3 days later. Desk is great, works well, looks fantastic and can vouch for the quality of the workmanship. Definitely recommended!