Why choose electric sit-stand over manual sit-stand desks?


Why choose electric sit-stand over manual sit-stand desks?

You’re employing a great fitness routine, have cleaned up your diet, and are sleeping better than ever before.

But you’re still searching for a way to break up that painful 8+ hours of sitting you’re doing every day in the office.

You’ve decided you’re tired of dealing with aching back pain, and have made it your mission to stand up for your health!

And for that, you’ll need a sit-stand desk.

But how can you choose which desk is best suited to your needs? Which will provide the most effective and seamless system to ensure you enjoy easily switching between sitting and standing during the workday?

The major difference between all the players in the market?

Electric vs. manual.

Not sure which is right for you? We’ve built a strong case supporting the benefits of electric sit-stand desks.

Read on to learn why, and to discover some drawbacks of manual sit-stand desks that may help you make an informed decision for your office or workplace!


Sit-stand desks for medical clinics

The case for electric standing desks

Electronics makes everything easier for us:

  • Electric drills make drilling a piece of cake – they’re a staple in every tradie’s toolbox
  • We can open and close car windows quickly and with minimal effort compared to the manual crank
  • Electric TV lifts make it simple (and safe!) to conceal your television when it’s not in use

So why should your desk be any different?

Electric standing desks are not only sophisticated – they operate seamlessly and ensure you actually use your standing desk as intended.

High weight capacity

Electric standing desks are built tough, withstanding up to an astonishing 200kg!

Ergomotion’s electric standing desks are custom-made with either 2 legs (DL2 regular desk) or 3 legs (DL3 corner desk).

The DL2 has a weight capacity of 140kg while the DL3 boasts an impressive capacity of up to 200kg!

Seamless and quiet motor

Our electric standing desks are fitted with high-quality Danish motors, ensuring quiet and seamless operation.

Within seconds you can quietly adjust your desk between sitting and standing, without the need for a cumbersome, manual crank.

Preset height levels

No need to spend time tweaking the height of your desk each time you lower or raise it – with preset height levels, you can reach your desired height (sitting or standing!) within seconds and just at the push of a button!

No physical effort required

Due to its motorised activity, you don’t need to spend more than a few seconds adjusting your desk.

The ease at which you can raise or lower your desk means you’ll be more inclined to use it as, indeed, a sit-stand desk!


Sit-stand desks to reduce back pain

Pitfalls of manual sit-stand desks

Handle placement

A manual standing desk requires a manual crank or handle – this can be located in an awkward or inconvenient position.

At the front of the desk means it might interfere with your day-to-day movement, while at the back can be problematic if your desk is positioned up against a wall.

Manual cranking is heavy

Beyond actual force to raise your desk, you’ll also be lifting all the components atop your desk. This can be truly cumbersome and even difficult for some.

Additionally, it can take many cranks to adjust from sitting to standing – imagine having to crank your desk 20 to 30 times each time you wanted to switch working positions?

The result? A manual sit-stand desk that quickly becomes a permanently lowered desk, negating its purpose!

Limited weight capacity

Manual sit-stand desks are usually built to not withstand the same sort of weight as an electric standing desk.

Depending on your office set-up, a manual desk may not be able to withstand your needs.

We conducted our own research and found the capacity of most manual desks to be between 30-50kg – a significant amount less than Ergomotion’s electric sit-stand desks!

Interested in electric sit-stand desks?

Get in touch with the ergonomic experts – Ergomotion!

Our electric sit-stand desks are used throughout corporate and government settings, helping employees ease the burden and negate the ill effects of sitting all day.

They’re also used in the medical industry, for rehabilitation purposes, and in call centres!

All our desks are custom-made to your exact height preferences, and made right here in Australia using high-quality Danish motors.

To learn more about Ergomotion’s electric sit-stand desks, please get in touch with our friendly team.

Give us a call on (03) 9579 1454 or fill in this enquiry form and we will get back to you!