A Successful On Your Feet Australia 2014


A Successful On Your Feet Australia 2014

Ergomotion is pleased to announce a highly successful On Your Feet Australia campaign last month!

On Wednesday, 19th February, hundreds of individuals from all over Australia registered for the event and pledged to stand more, sit less and move more throughout their working day.

Additionally, many organisations, large and small, joined the quest to reduce illness and health risks associated with sedentary behaviour.

Individuals donned their sneakers and did the following throughout their day:

•    Walked or rode their bike to work, or stood on the train
•    Parked their car further away from their office, and took advantage of a quick pre- and post-work walk
•    Used standing desks and sat on exercise balls throughout the day
•    Conducted and participated in walking and standing meetings
•    Chose a healthy lunch and enjoyed a walk outside during their breaks
•    Stood up when taking calls

All of these simple changes helped to incorporate movement and break up sitting times throughout their work day.

On Your Feet Australia 2014 competition winner

On Your Feet Australia 2014, in conjunction with Ergomotion, ran a competition in which participants posted a photo on Instagram for the chance to win an electric height adjustable desk from Ergomotion and FitBit Flex wireless trackers.

The worthy winners were Pivotal Accounting, who relished in standing at every opportunity of the day, including a 4km walk during their lunch break!

This was their winning Instagram image:

Instagram image courtesty of Pivotal Accounting

The firm’s director, accountants and administration team all participated to raise both money for a good cause, and health awareness.

In addition to their lunchtime walk, the team:

•    Held two standing staff meetings
•    Incorporated calf raises, star jumps and push ups into their day
•    Walked to other staff members instead of emailing or calling them
•    Did yoga and weights during their morning and afternoon tea breaks

What an inspiring team – congratulations to our deserving winners!

We hate sitting!

US research has found that we hate sitting! Sitting discomfort results in 85 per cent of employees taking breaks at work purely for symptom relief. These breaks result in loss of productivity.

Furthermore, the research found that rather than sit, employees would prefer to go without coffee or social media for a week, or work a 14-hour day!

Ergomotion’s standing desks

Ergomotion’s standing desks are adjustable, so users can shift between sitting and standing as often as required. This means you can engage leg muscles and improve posture by using the desk while standing, and have short rest breaks by lowering the desk to sitting height.

Thank you to everyone who donated to On Your Feet Australia this year, and to Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute for their continued research. Don’t forget, On Your Feet Australia isn’t just about one day – make standing and movement a part of your everyday routine, and let’s combat sedentary sitting!

Until next year!