How Sit-Stand Desks Drive Workplace Wellness


How Sit-Stand Desks Drive Workplace Wellness

For the last 12 years, Ergomotion has been dedicated to improving the working lives of office-based Australians with our innovative electric sit stand desks. Now we’ve been recognised for the work we do by a leading provider of corporate health insurance policies – Bupa Corporate.

We were contacted by the insurance company, who was compiling a blog article about ways to improve health and well-being in the workplace. They selected several experts to contribute information and advice to the article and we’re delighted that Ergomotion was one of the expert service providers chosen. It’s wonderful to be recognised for our contribution to workplace health.

The topic of improving health and well-being for corporate workers is generating more interest as employers are recognising the need to take action on the sedentary lifestyles of their staff. Over the years that we’ve been in business, we’ve seen a steady increase in demand for sit stand desks, due to the vast improvements they make for the comfort and productivity of office workers.

Many office employees are obliged to sit at a desk for up to seven hours a day at work, in addition to leading fairly inactive lifestyles at home. Sitting for prolonged periods of time can cause several health problems, particularly since it puts a strain on muscles and joints. This can lead to discomfort, job dissatisfaction and time off work.

Installing sit stand desks addresses this problem by enabling employees to change their posture from sitting to standing whenever they feel the need, without interrupting their work. This results in a more varied workday, as well reducing strain on muscles and joints and improving cardiovascular health and circulation.

Above all, it shows your employees that you care about their health and well-being, which leads to more motivation, productivity and a happier workforce.

Please get in touch for more information about our electric sit stand desks, and how they can benefit your workplace.

Google Reviews


Google Reviews

Big Dawg 13/08/22

Bought sit, stand desk. Great product, fantastic service all at a reasonable price.

Jack Lu 12/08/22

Guy was a pleasure to deal with from the beginning and catered to my specifications. The quality of the table was amazing! I’ve seen some other desks from other manufacturers which were extremely flimsy, unstable and poorly constructed. The product was custom built and received very promptly as well. Thanks again Guy, I know where I’ll be heading the next time I’m in need of a desk!

Claudia Franceschini 05/08/22

My young son adores his sit stand desk from Ergomotion, we are very happy with the quality and we love that his desk will grow with him into his adult years. Guy was a pleasure to deal with. We highly recommend.

JT 30/07/22

Guy provided an e-desk for me. I used it with a natural bamboo tabletop 180cm in width and it works wonderfully. Guy was very responsive with a qeury i had about the product - i couldnt ask for more. Highly recommended.

Michael Dao 21/07/22

Guy has been one of the most helpful people in helping me setting up my brand new desk frame. He guided me on where to find the best quality desktops to add onto the desk legs.

Desiree Inez Roque 07/07/22

Guy was an absolute professional from start to finish. Very seamless process with ordering to pick up taking less than 24hrs.

Guy will take the time to understand your requirements, communicates clearly and will not try to upsell items you don’t require. Instructions to put together are clear and the videos on the website are helpful too.

We are extremely happy with our purchases. Desks are well designed and built. We love our new desks and would happily recommend Ergomotion.

Thanks Guy and all the best!

Nathan Byren 01/07/22

**Reposting from my personal account.**

I spoke to Guy shortly after moving to Australia to get some information about their standing desks. I'd been on the hunt for one for a while and was struggling to find something that seemed to be good quality while still being reasonably priced.

Guy answered all my questions confidently and clearly, checked their stock levels since I was looking at a hardwood desktop not specified on their site and got back to me promptly with all the information.

When I was ready to go ahead with the order, it was a quick phone call and my order was on it's way. When the delivery seemed as though it might take longer than expected, Guy dropped the desk with me himself.

I put the desk together which was a very simple process - although a powered screw driver would have made the job much easier for me, I left all my tools in South Africa when I moved over and haven't built up a collection again just yet. The desk has been great and will get I'm sure, many years of happy use!

I highly recommend Ergomotion as a brand! Guy's service is a strong addition to an already great product.

Joshua Brown 01/07/22

Guy was just a pleasure to deal with. Excellent knowledge and advice which followed through to excellent after sales. The e-desk is very sturdy, easy to use and looks great. Great job Guy and thank you

Simona Scarparo 19/06/22

I love my Ergomotion stand up desk! It is easy to set up and is made of quality materials. However, the best part of the purchase was the excellent customer service I received. Guy (the owner) came out in the pouring rain to measure the boot of my car to make sure I could pick the desk up (fully assembled) and it would fit. I ordered the desk on a Monday and it was ready by Tuesday morning. He helped loading the desk in my car, removed a leg so that it could fit and explained how to put the leg back in, which was very straightforward and did not need any tools. If you are considering buying a stand up desk, I would definitely recommend Ergomotion.

Sue Fraser 14/06/22

Guy was lovely to deal with. He was prompt and courteous in all his communication. He was happy for us to look at the desk before purchase. Once ordered, the desk arrived so quickly. Guy set it all up and we are extremely happy with the product. Thanks Guy for your great service and care.