Win an Ergomotion height adjustable desk with On Your Feet Australia 2014!


Win an Ergomotion height adjustable desk with On Your Feet Australia 2014!

This February, we invite you to join Baker IDI Heart & Diabetes Institution and Ergomotion for the On Your Feet Australia Campaign.


ergonomic office furniture

On Wednesday, 19th February 2014, wear your sneakers to work and make a conscious effort to stand more, sit less, and move more!


About Baker IDI

Baker IDI Heart & Diabetes Institute is a medical institute dedicated to assisting sufferers of cardiovascular disorders. Their mission is clear: To reduce death and disability from cardiovascular disease, diabetes and related disorders. With headquarters in Melbourne and research teams located in Alice Springs and Adelaide, Baker IDI is a 650-strong team.

Ergomotion is supporting Baker IDI’s goal to encourage all Australians to make long-term changes to their sedentary work habits.

Ergonomic office furniture

Sedentary sitting has been linked to organ damage, tight hips, back injury and poor leg circulation, as well as shoulder, neck and wrist strains. Restless, uncomfortable, injury-prone workers are becoming too common, which is why Baker IDI and Ergomotion need your help to encourage Australia to get “On Your Feet!”

Ergomotion is proud to support the event and further educate the community on the health risks of prolonged sitting. Ergonomic office furniture, like electric height adjustable desks, means quick adjustment between sitting and standing so you can increase blood flow, burn more calories and strengthen core muscles. Above all, it breaks up sitting time. Simply put, our bodies were not built to sit idly for hours on end!

For individuals

Register online and educate and encourage friends, family and colleagues to join you. Make sure you take photos of the event and upload them to Instagram, using the hashtag #OYFA14.

– Look for any opportunity to stand up more and sit less! Little things like standing when you take phone calls and using the stairs instead of the lifts all add up to create a healthier, more productive work environment!

What your workplace can do: workstation ergonomics

There are many ways workplaces can encourage employees to make significant and attainable change to their everyday behaviours.


– First, educate and encourage employees
to learn about the detrimental effects prolonged sitting can have on
their health, and make sure you listen to them by asking for their
feedback and suggestions.
height adjustable desk
– Encourage 30 minute reminders so employees can break up their sitting
by taking a short walk to the car park or bathrooms, consider standing
or walking meetings, and encourage people to take their breaks away from
their desks to enjoy a brisk 10-minute walk around the block.

– Finally, consider workstation ergonomics: Monitor arms to precisely adjust your computer screen, desk cable trays  to reduce tripping hazards and protect cords, and ergonomic office chairs to support the spine.

WIN a height adjustable desk!

For your chance to win a height adjustable desk from
Ergomotion, simply post a picture on Instagram of your workplace getting on their
feet using the hashtag #OYFA2014. Make sure you’re following the OnYourFeetAustralia Instagram, too! Read the full criteria list on the On
Your Feet Australia Competition page.

To keep up to date with the campaign, follow the On Your Feet Australia Facebook page, and the Ergomotion Facebook page.