Why Lawyers And Attorneys Are Making The Move To Standing Desks


Why Lawyers And Attorneys Are Making The Move To Standing Desks

It’s not just the standard 9-5 desk environments that are making the move towards standing desks. Many businesses, from offices and financial institutions, to medical facilities and legal practices – and even schools! – are joining the movement towards better health.

This month, we look at the ways legal professionals like lawyers and attorneys are making the move to better health.

Lawyers are using standing desks.


Assess your office and surrounds:

What is your office layout like? Are people at their desks for most of the day, or are they moving around in between conferences, conversations with colleagues, leaving the office for meetings with clients?

How easily could a standing desk slot in, replacing your existing desk? Remember, standing desks do not take up any larger footprint than your current office desk.

Why are lawyers and attorneys starting to eye standing desks?

They’re easy to acquire

Standing desks, height adjustable desks, and sit-stand desks have grown in popularity considerably over the past few years.

We know more (and as a result care more) about our health and fitness

We’re more conscious these days about the food choices we make, about the exercise we do, so why shouldn’t we be concerned about the hours we’re slugging away hunched over a desk chair for 8 hours a day? (Which is, for a typical 9-5 job, around 2000 hours a year. Wow.)

Both sitting and standing heights can be adjusted to your precise requirements

This is one of the really appealing features of an electric standing desk.

When you know that your desk has memory options that can lock in your preferred sitting and standing heights, you’re more likely to actually use the sit-stand feature!

That’s where electric desks soar above those manual ones: instead of cranking up the desk and fixing it to that right height every time you want to adjust, just push a button and let the desk rise or fall to that precise height within seconds. Too easy!

It prompts conversation…

… which enhances knowledge! Lawyers, attorneys, and solicitors spread the word and are helping to educate co-workers or even friends and family into why they’re choosing standing desks, as well as the benefits they are gaining.

They don’t disrupt an office’s aesthetic or practicality

Standing desks are no bigger than regular sitting desks, and do not impede office space.

Additionally, cable trays can effectively manage cables and wires neatly, while computer holders lift computers up off the floor, increasing floor space. These tools can help improve the aesthetic of an office that is regularly frequented by clients. (And they also reduce OH&S issues and risks!)

Benefits of standing desks for lawyers and attorneys

  •  They do not affect an existing space, as they do not take up any additional room
  •  They allow users to quickly and easily alternate between sitting and standing throughout your workday
  • ☞ They help improve concentration, avoid the afternoon slump, and focus more clearly on the task at hand
  • ☞ The new generation of lawyers are tech-savvy, and a standing desk allows them to stay on top of exciting technological developments
  • ☞ They reduce back, neck, and shoulder pain by relieving the pressure we place on our bodies while sitting for long periods of time


Use your standing desk the right way

Consistently switching between sitting and standing will help alleviate back pain, improve blood flow, enhance concentration, and, according to first-hand opinion from some lawyers, it actually changed the way they held themselves and spoke…

One lawyer who tested out standing desks in her office said leading is easier when standing. Lori Tripoli [http://www.loritripoli.com/welcome.html] found that she is “more direct and more persuasive when speaking while standing”.

And as for any drawbacks to standing desks? There really are none.


Anyone who complains of sore feet or lists leg aches as a disadvantage to using a standing desk probably doesn’t realise that there’s a simple solution for when your legs start hurting.

Can you guess what it is?

Sitting, of course!

Remember, sitting is not bad for you; it’s the sedentary position we place our bodies in for hours on end that is doing the damage, regardless of whether that’s a seated or standing position.

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