Ergonomic office furniture aims to fit the environment of the office to the employee and not vice versa which has happened all too frequently in the past. Technological advancements no longer mean that desks need to be static, or that height adjustable desks need to be lifted and lowered with heavy manual labour.

But what is ergonomic office furniture and how does it affect my business?

Poor ergonomics can affect all aspects of business including health, safety, production, quality, and human relations. Ergonomic office furniture encompasses many components, but the main 2 are:
– Electric height adjustable desks
– Ergonomic office chairs

What is ergonomic office furniture – Electric height adjustable desks

Electric height adjustable desks allow the user at the touch of a button to quickly and efficiently adjust the height of their desk. Human beings were not meant to be sat down for long periods of time. We were designed to be on the move, so modern office environments which encourage long periods of sitting have led to poor posture and weak lower backs. However, the opposite is also true, long periods of standing also lead to lower back pain and sore feet. Studies have shown that a sit – stand approach alleviates the load on the lower back, increases employee productivity and reduces costs associated with OHS and work related injuries. Simply put, when people feel god, they can work as efficiently and productively as possible.

Using an electric height adjustable desk means that an employee can achieve this sit-stand approach quickly and is the forefront of ergonomic office furniture. Ergonomic office furniture in the form of electric height adjustable desks also allows companies to create hot desking areas, or one desk can be safely used by multiple employees who can adjust it to a comfortable sitting position.

What is ergonomic office furniture – Ergonomic office chairs

Ergonomic office chairs help provide support for the lower back. Unfortunately long hours sitting in the same position is often unavoidable. Providing ergonomic office furniture in the form of ergonomic office chairs will also help companies save money by avoiding costly worker related injuries and compensation.

Ergomotion has been dealing with the question of what is ergonomic office furniture for decades and has a large range of high quality, Australian made and designed ergonomic office furniture to suit any project requirement.

Application of ergonomic office furniture principles can result in:

– Increased productivity – Decreased lost time at work
– Increased quality
– Decreased absenteeism
– Improved employee retention, thus reducing training costs
– Improved health and safety
– Increased job satisfaction and morale
– Decreased injuries and workers compensation claims

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Google Reviews

Alex Hung 20/01/22

Guy is really patient, knowledgeable and helpful! Thanks again!

Claudia Betancourt 19/01/22

I ordered two chairs for our office. Our communication and delivery were flawless. And the chairs are incredibly comfortable. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase for Ergomotion again professionally or personally.

Simon Protheroe 18/01/22

Quality product and excellent customer service. I purchased an E-desk with an optional hardwood top and it's excellent. The desktop looks fantastic and the stand / electronics are top quality - solid and quiet when operating. Guy is excellent to deal with. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend.

Catherine Ayad 12/01/22

One word: AMAZING!. The quality of the desk is absolutely AMAZING! I was so indecsive and have been searching for desks for more then 5months! I was blessed to come across Ergomotion and speak to Guy. From the very first conversation, his customer service was AMAZING! He was so informative, clear, gentle and kind. He came to my house and installed everything so promptly and took all the rubbish and cleaned up and was also so wonderful to my mum. Would recommend anyone looking for a sit/stand desk to talk to Guy first! Thanks again 🙏

Val eter44 11/1/22

Ergomotion’s edesk is an excellent sit stand desk. It feels sturdy and the overall design fits my minimalist style room.

Jupin Cherian 10/01/22


Alex A 10/01/22

Guy was excellent in his customer service, delivery, assembly of his standing desk. Great standing desk product and great service, thank you Guy. I highly recommend Guy.

Ka Ho Wong 13/12/21

Clear communication and fantastic customer service from initial order to taking delivery. The product itself is of great quality and will not hesitate to recommend these guys if you are in the market to get a new desk.

S T 12/12/21


Vlad 09/12/21

Absolutely amazing product and customer experience. Anyone sitting on the fence or considering other alternatives, please just do yourself a favour and put an order in with Ergomotion. The quality of the walnut desk I received was stunning, topped off by some very friendly and considerate service from Guy himself. Could not have asked for more and am already recommending to friends, family and colleagues alike. Keep up the good work guys!